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Friday, October 4, 2013

Our ex-manager's wife

Recently, we had dinner with one of our ex-colleague's widow Leena. Of course most of the evening was spent listening to Leena talking about her late husband.
But what shocked us was when she related how she was ridiculed by the manager's wife (Liz) at one SIA function some years ago.
At the function, they were supposed to be seated at the same table. When Leena stretched out her hand to shake Liz's, she snubbed her. Liz disliked Leena at first sight. Liz told her husband she did not want Leena to be seated with them.
In the end, Liz and husband sat at another table, far away from where Leena and her husband were seated.
Liz was a snob because she thought her husband was a big shot and all those working under him must be her "apple polisher".
This particular manager was no better than his wife. I have worked under him and he was a tyrant. Most of my colleagues and I had very little respect nor liking for him. The top management people knew what type of a manager he was and yet they kept backing him up against us. Life was unbearable working under him.
When he retired from SIA, we were surprised he was recommended by his boss to work for a foreign airline. But karma caught up with him and he was fired from his job due to incompetency and sheer arrogance.
Sometimes, I would meet him and his wife and as usual his wife would be walking in front and he would be tagging along like a henpecked husband (in fact he is henpecked).

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