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Monday, October 21, 2013

Stewardess Jane's response

Dear Readers,

I'm "Jane" mentioned in Mr Boh Tong's previous post.
Please let me share my 2 cent's worth.  Doing so will put a closure to this chapter of my life as it's unlikely I'll be called for exit interview.

I've enjoyed my 2 year flying tremendously-the life experiences, traveling to destinations beyond my wildest dreams and earning a comfortable income for singleton.  I'm not a perfect crew and have made mistakes along the way.  However, I'd like to think I've done my fair share and maybe more.

Despite my short stint, I've observed the stories in this blog to be true to a large extent.  Passengers are more demanding, crew are becoming more political, more work for less pay, less crew compliment with more work for each crew, less rest overseas and in base.  All these I've experienced.

I entered the company with high hopes.  However, along the way, I realised this isn't a company I wish to grow professionally in for various personal reasons.  So, I decided to think of an exit strategy while making the best of my flying days.  Flying is my dream job but I have other aspirations as well.  My hurry to leave is because opportunities to pursue other interest unexpectedly came along, which I can't pass up.

SQ Girl/Boy wannabes, please change your mindset to a positive one.  You'll need it if you eventually get into the company.  Did you give Mr Boh Tong a chance?  He can help you like how he helped me.  Please consider attending his coaching.  Don't let our words affect you.  If flying is your dream please go for it.  Enjoy the experience, travelling and monetary rewards-it's definitely worth your while.  However, as you fly higher, continue to dream bigger.  When the time comes, leave gracefully.

That said, I absolutely agree with 5 years flying's words-fly for 2 years, then see if you say/think the same.

With Best Wishes.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I just touched down and at 12.45midnight, i find it an absolute must to address something before i sleep. First of all, a big congrats to "jane" as you manage to do what many find it tought to do, and that is to step out.
Second to "I wanna be an SQ Gal" , before you call others dog, you have to get a few facts right. You only see the outside while we are in the inside , so there are many things that you really dont understand about flying.
I am also one of Mr BT participants of talks and I am like you before, been there done that. I was aspired to be a CC and went to many interviews but failed until I met Mr BT. To cut the story short, from being super proud of wearing the old sky blue male jackets uniform to now dieing to get out. What do you think has happened?
Many argued monetarily. From London 1.2k down to $600 to repaying company on LMA, to me these affects but not the real problem, personally , crew are using these to vent their anger. I am someone that can accept paycuts to help the company when in difficult times, but I am one that cannot tolerate company bullying crew and dont give us the recognition we deserve as an employee instead of a number. HEre is my breakdown.
1) I cannot tolerate seeing a 60 year old IFS that serve the company for more than 25 years paxing in EYCL for holiday while a young AO or even a captain wife that got no contribution to the company pax in JCL. Surely something can be done here but company choose to ignore.
2) Many say good practice comes from home and within. Apparently our company is not. Many times mgt come down to us to do the extra mile. SOAR, not business as usual, passengers smile makes it all worthwhile, but within us, when we need help, CONTROL, PLANNING, OFFICE are they so helpful? Do they do small touches or go extra mile to help us when we need help urgently? Is company forgiving and patient with us if we make mistake? Humans can make mistakes but not CC. Sad to say I flew for 5 years, i got NONE from these people, even at STC , get paper to print official documents also need to beg and ask you why you need the paper, then give you 3 piece lol
3)WHY in entire company group, ONLY CC have casual and non casual MC, why office , ground staff, or even mgt do not have such categorization? Are CC not human to fall sick or get injured?

I can list on and on, the crux is, many crew have lost it already even the leaders, from the bottom of my heart, we are not complaining for nothing, it is really bad now. The company traditional mindset have to change.

Mr BT, i did not cut ties with you la ha ha ha ....I chose to be quiet at the moment and support your blog all these while, going through big transition by leaving , next year i very free liao can find you lim kopi....good night..

5 years flying junior

ex crew said...

hey jane, yes enjoy every bit of your time inside but when theres a gd opportunity that comes along, grab it! when you quit, look forward, dun look back. to have gd memories is not the same as looking back. also, cherish some of the gd friends/batchmates that you have made. gd luck!