Monday, October 28, 2013

Tata Sons-Singapore Airlines carrier plans to launch operations by June next year

MUMBAI: The Tata Sons-Singapore Airlines carrier which got a nod from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board on Thursday aims to launch operations by May-June 2014, its chairman said on Friday. Also, Tata Group's chairman emeritus Ratan Tata said the company will look at Air India, if the government decides to put it up for privatisation. "We hope we will be able to launch by May-June 2014," said Prasad Menon, chairman of the airline venture.

Currently, the SIA share price is down  2 cents at S$10.46 as we speak even after the above announcement.


Anonymous said...

SIA is a gone past money making time

Anonymous said...

Think with this type of news, SIA share will drop further.

Anonymous said...

Sure kena conned again.SQ never learn from the Virgin and Air New Zealand fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Ha! ha!... they can con and bully employees like cc.. but when they try to con & bully Virgin, NZ.. etc.. they keena hantum!..

Now just watch.. keenna hantum again!
Damn shiok man. Goes to show how lousy their business strategies are... but how easy they can bully employeess.. just a big bully.

Zero substance

Anonymous said...

The Indian Authorities are master wordsmiths and no matter what happens, always have a way with their choice of words, law and power craft. Incidentally, India is the country with the highest English speaking population in the world, as well as the world's largest democracy. The Tatas have their origins in Persia who headed towards India in search of business ventures and enterprise. One could say that they literally own India. Anyone who wants to take them on take them in their homeground must be living in dreams.

I am a former airline employee.

Anonymous said...

"Par si bua chow" means never learn from the past.