Friday, October 25, 2013

Yes and no to crew business

It's good to do business with the crew but sometimes there are also the downside to consider. Take the case of a Korean couple who were selling high quality fake stuff of top brands. Their products were in great demand by the crew from all over the world. Whenever the crew stops over in Seoul, they would visit Jenny Wuin's (pronounce as Genuine) shop to buy items like handbags, watches, leather goods, clothing etc etc.
None of Jenny's items were genuine but an amateur can't tell the difference.

One stewardess on returning home discovered an item she bought was not serviceable. She sent it to a bonafide agent here only to be detained for questioning by the police. Interpol was alerted and Jenny in Seoul was arrested. Her hubby stood in for her and was fined plus a given jail sentence.

One poor couple in Shanghai was selling all sorts of electronic goods near the hotel. They operated from a push cart. Their prices were almost 50% cheaper than in the shops.
After some years of doing business with the crew, they became quite rich. They bought themselves a condominium in Shanghai.
However, due to greed or some other reasons, their products are no longer cheaper than in the shops nearby. The crew boycotted them and within a year or so, they had to sell their condo.

During my time with SIA, Singapore Express a cafe in LA was selling Chinese food. One could also tar pow or take out. Once the flight landed in LA, a steward would make a call to SE  and place food order for at least 15 people. Each packet of fried rice or beef rice etc would cost around S$10. The staff would transport the food to the crew hotel within minutes of them checking in. The food was delicious and the price reasonable. It was also the convenience that encouraged the crew to order the food from SE.
Checking out crew would also order the food. All in all, we calculated the business SE derived from the crew was about $400 a day, 365 days a year. A quick calculation will tell you that SE's crew business alone was S$146,000 per year.
I was told the crew business could cover their rental and staff cost.
One thing good about SE was that they would deliver the food to the crew regardless of which hotel we're staying as long as they were in LA.
I am not sure whether SE still deliver food to the crew in LA. But crew business was really good to the SE owners.

So JJ do you still want to do business with the crew? In my opinion, it is quite safe to deal with them. Give them a 10% discount on your claypot rice and I am sure many will flocked to your stall. Better still, provide pick ups to and from mrt stations to your place and you will see your business roaring.

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Anonymous said...

What a dumb-blonde that stewardess must be!

Anonymous said...

Not only she was a stupid bitch but got others into trouble.