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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cabin crew wannabes need help so could SIA...?

Much as I like to help the cabin crew wannabes get into the airlines they must not come here or through emails harass me with stupid questions like " I am 157cm tall do you think SIA will recruit me?" or " I don't not have the minimum educational qualification should I go for the interview?" or  "I am a female and am 30 years old,will SQ recruit girls of my age?" or " I have a scar on my arm will SIA be particular with it?" some even emailed me attachments of the scar or tattoo pictures.. etc ...

SIA's website states very clearly the minimum height,educational qualification etc. These people should visit the website. They ought to know that I am no longer working for SIA nor am I SIA's representative.

FYI, my email addresses are meant only for the wannabes who want to attend my talks or buy my e-guide and not for Q & A.

I think SIA should set up a forum for the wannabes, just like in the case of Google and some big companies where people could ask questions about their products.


Anonymous said...

Aiyo Mr BT,
you in the coy long enough,
you know that any sort of Q&A , Feedback or mgt in service is just wayang. If those in the office is so receptive, our very own CP12 no need to tell us to ask "appropriate" questions. Now want to ask question in CP12 also need to email WL first lol.
Mgt in service, can you ask ah tan, frog eye etc to go help pax carry bag load onto overhead compartment? Cannot what...maybe that flight they can..but under table mark you gao lat gao lat liao loooo ha ha ha ...

5 years flying junior

I not stupid said...

you gao lat gao lat liao loooo means what please?