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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Feedback from a staff pax on a recent 15 hour flight regarding Inflight service

The below is a feedback from a staff passenger on a recent 15-hr flight (identity of staff and crew have been removed).

" This is real disgusting and a cause for concern that our standards are slipping so badly  and will only get worse if left unchecked. Please share with your crew on the need to maintain standards. The guiding principle is that the crew can do more for passengers and not less. As the CIC on every flight that you embark on, you are their beacon and guiding light. Please help us to shine them in the right direction:

This experience was indeed an eye-opener, and I cannot agree more that our service may be slipping somewhat, perhaps in the back cabin. Need to qualify that I have experienced EYCL on several occasions in the past, but
this one was probably a sore one. A family of four, where the husband and wife sat next to me quipped in dialect, "this is the standard of SIA these days. Don't expect much". It is disappointing for me to hear of this remark, reinforcing some of such remarks we read in the social media. Another staff also agreed that the service was indeed appalling.

My observation as a passenger (the crew did not recognise me as a staff,
hence I got a good real time experience as a commercial passenger).

1. Cabin presence for the crew was virtually zero. Hardly saw crew in the
cabin, except for the take-off and landing, and supper and breakfast service. Crew were in the mid and aft galley most of the time, and passengers resorted to buzzing the call button or looking for crew in the galley. Crew would respond to the call button, but disappear back into the galley immediately after. If I may, I observed that it was more "service in the galley" rather than "service in the cabin". There was no engagement with passengers, and the feeling was cold throughout (unlike the experience I had with another airline - refer below). I observed that the  guy seated
next to me and one passenger in the front of the aft cabin were walking around the cabin more often than the crew. I had to move out to the aisle every time the guy needed to go out - six times during the flight. Because of this, I could not sleep much and managed to observe things around the

2. A tray of cups of water was left outside the aft galley for passengers to help themselves. Not hygienic. Cannot imagine that some passengers may drink it and leave it back on the tray. Note the guy standing next to the
tray was a passenger.

3. One FSS was handling the 1st meal service from the aft. Did not offer any drinks to passengers for about 6 rows until a FS came to help out. The passengers in the 6 rows from the aft (including myself) were left with only one cup of plain water for their meal. No one offered us drinks. She immediately removed the coffee cup from my tray without asking anything. She dropped the tray onto the table for pax at 51G in a haphazard manner.
The FSS cleared the trays from Row 52 downwards and turned a blind eye on those passengers from Row 53 onwards who have already completed their meals, until the LS came to clear them individually. She leaned down lazily on the meal cart talking loudly to her fellow crew that she needs another cart as she has two more rows to clear the trays. Eventually this was done individually and stacks of two trays at one go on both hands were done - quite a delicate balancing act.

4. A mother with a young child was at 53EG next to me. The boy was wailing immediately upon boarding and during the flight. For the duration of the 15hrs flight, the crew did not attend to the mother or talked to her if she needed help at all. Observed that passengers around were very annoyed. The crew turned a blind eye on them, despite the fact that the boy was lying down and not buckled up during takeoff. The only contact was prior to takeoff, the FSS just placed some kids toys in the seat pocket in front of them without saying anything.

5. The toilet in the a The toilet in the aft was a mess, papers strewn on the floor and wet
floors, mirrors, walls, etc. I helped to clean them myself. Did not manage to observe if the crew cleaned the toilets, but for the mid galley toilets, I did observe the crew went in a few times. The cabin was messy - plastic bags, plastic cups, and headsets were on the floor. Did not observe the
crew picking any of these up for the duration of the flight. Only seen once the LS helping to fold a blanket for a passenger in the front.

6. The IFS  and CSS  did walk around the cabin, but they are probably walking rather than observing or noticing the passengers. The IFS was only
seen twice, once prior to departure and another prior to arrival. Both just walked around the cabin. No eye contact or engagement with passengers. They were observed to be looking towards the floor or stared blankly most of the time."


Demoralised CC said...

Staff travelled free still want to complain.Talk easy so come and slot on the long flight. I bet your ass will bleed if you work as hard as us.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Heard its Seow Wui Lian Senior Mananger Planning Dept.

Anonymous said...

Here a mgmt snr staff trying to score point. So now KPI is up up and away!

Anonymous said...

"The guiding principle is that the crew can do more for passengers and not less" Hey how about coy doing more for the crew and not less

Anonymous said...

So much for working for the same company. Only know how to back stab.
Heard that this staff was downgraded due to full load in the premium classes on SQ1 sfo hkg 8NOV.
Wat happened to the core values?
Concern for staff?
Where is the concern? Only know how to criticise and complain.

Anonymous said...

Some more got initiative called management in service for them to come on board to supposedly understand our job better.
Wat a waste of time.
Tink they come on board crew gotta work triply hard to help them out some more.
Since he is from cabincrew dept he should already know better as on the 777-300er in YCL mostly all new crew, seniors already got to work hard plus look after and guide these newbies, somemore he got the cheek to criticise so much.
The affected set still had to be hauled back to office on their precious offday for investigation.
Really a pity.

Anonymous said...

no need to worry. this will be a normal in future. with the current management and staff relations. the mgtment will think about themselve. the crew will do the same. whats the point of working so hard and be treated like a idiot.
3 yrs junior crew

Anonymous said...

sia management target is to be no 1. cabin crew no 10.

Anonymous said...

wow management staff help to clean toilet. can we trust that statement????

Anonymous said...

What I do not understand is Why did not the staff talk to the IFS and share his observation. Was it a Fault finding mission.

If he would speak with the IFS then I think remedial action would have been taken and passengers' comfort will not be compromise. Passengers on that flight would have good service then.

The staff concern should be pro-company and try his/her best to minimise damage to the image of SQ by informing the IFS of his observation so immediate remedial action can be taken to safeguard SQ image....**facepalm**

Anonymous said...

Senior mgr on staff travel now sit in EY meh?

Anonymous said...

B773ER. Mostly the jnr crew in EYCL are either probationary or not able to work in JCL. I think during the inactive period, the LSS/S would be busy coaching them on their job - that is why no crew presence in the cabin. On long haul flight, there is mandatory rest period, so crew numbers are bare minimum.

Maybe to solve this issue and trying to be the best again, crew numbers in EYCL can be increase to additional FOUR and roster experienced crew in EYCL.

Possible? Wait long long. It is all about costing. The staff should go back to the office and convince the higher management to increase the crew numbers if he/she genuinely think that the service standard had dropped.

Put action to words.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Senior mgr on staff travel now sit in EY meh?

U goon do or what? Snr manager got downgraded that's why!

Anonymous said...

5 years flying junior says:

Hi to whoever manager is involved, this is my message to you.

This is shocking to you because you are up in ivory tower for far too long that you dont know this is happening on ground. Let me a junior guide you along. Like what many seniors already pointed out, lull period only 2 crew per zone is working. After service, THE LEADING have to check sales, write super lots of VRs to cover our own assess, maybe also check reports, prepard SPML , think you also dunno this sector is high volume SPML. THE FS will be busy changing meals, changing cARTS, changing breadrolls, preparing next service and still have to adhere to adhocs. This is OBVIOULSY lack of CREW , you think we shake leg at galley?


5 years flying junior

Anonymous said...

oh yah manager,
now then you know EYCL cannot sleep ah?
I thought you guys like to plan pax up work back?
The reasons you guys always give is already rest onboard ma, so next day can work...
come and work LHR pax up work back la....

5 years flying junior

Anonymous said...

Ha! ha! ha!...

Damn shiok reality eh?

"Great way to fly"..??? ha! ha! ha!

This is what happens when you cut costs.
Cannot anyhow cut lah..

Pay generously
Recognise quality work
Respect your professional crew

and if they do not perform??


But what to do?.. kiam kahna.. everything cut. If there was no legal requirement, you would remove water, life rafts and get the crew to work all 24 hours!
That is your dream right?

Kudos to the IFS and his set of crew on this flight... its the right thing to do given the tools and constraints

Anonymous said...

Aiya. SIA mgt no need to kowtow and be threaten by all you good for nothing screws la. Under perform? Just issue warning letters and demerit points or simply sack you! You wanna fly then fly, dont wanna fly and try to be kwai lan? Jus sack!

Anonymous said...

Seow Wui Lian? He took a monetary award for submitting an idea to reduce CAIRO N/S while the Egyprian capital was plagued by social unrest.

Anonymous said...

“People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.” - Alan Moore, V for Vendetta


Crews shouldn't be afraid of the management. Management should be afraid of their crews.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, I've flown a few times as a EY passenger and I am always I pressed by our crew. They really smile and make all pax feels good. I am not a CC btw.

Anonymous said...

If Seow Wui Lian is really the guy behind this, then Mgmt should let him fly as a crew in EY for a year and let him taste life as a crew. See if he can take it!

15years flying

Anonymous said...

Ah Lian..or Ah Beng.. you got so much time to write such a lonnnggg letter, huh? Well, unlike you, crew have to work within a limited time frame with hundreds of paxs. u knw how to complain abt us. u are damn lucky crew do nt complain abt the uneven rosters!

35 years flying

Toh Nee said...

some Mgmt staff thinks he is so damn smart just because he won some stupid Stf Ideas In Action. Key Kiang!

Anonymous said...

Our fellow IFS called Ah Lian's secretary and she cnfmd that he just came back frm duty travel.

VER NUN said...

Seow wui lian trying to score points! now you have thousands cursing you, MAN!

Anonymous said...

Crew should make it a point to report staff paxs who are stepping out of line. In this case, were the crew aware that this pax was a staff? We have reported on staff travellers before. Investigations were carried out with appropriate action taken.

It appears that Ah Lian had honed his radar on the EY crew as if he was on a fault finding mission. No CC should feel intimidated by any pax be it a VIP, Royalty or Cabinet Minister, let alone staff. We carry all kinds of travellers including criminals who are handcuffed, with escorts.

Without prejudice, the set of crew should be given chance to explain their side of the story.

LS on tat flt said...

i second u Anonymous. The whole set of crew should be given a chance to explain. we can never knw if tis has gone up to svp. Damn seow ah tis Seow!

LS on tat flt said...

I was a crew of that flt which the damn mgr was on. we cn nvr knw if tis has gone up to svp coz he likes to score brownies pts! we wl tell our side of the story. dnt just complain ah lian!!

CS said...

Fault-finding mission. Well said, Anon!

Anonymous said...

Very obvious the intention to find fault is there, if not he would have introduce himself , why so secretive and hide here hide there.
Ah Seow , I got something for you:


5 years flying junior

59 yo IFS said...

Lian nice to people n the Lord wl bless u and yr family oso. so difficult meh, lian.

dnt worry, be happy but dnt be BITCHY said...

ah lian aka ah seow..nxt time go duty travel, just take sleeping pills ok? dnt wake up until flt has landed. btw, when are you taking yr family for holiday and which flt ah..just asking only..dnt worry..

Anonymous said...

Hey. Dont talk big la. When LKY or Ho Ching on board, all you waiters and waitresses feel stressed.

IFS said...

As a Mgmt stf, Seow should not have done what he did..and unwise move by a supposedly wise person. That goes to show the kind of Mgmt stf the division has. there could be more! unfit to be called a MANAGE-R! Period.

Anonymous said...

A sad day fur sia. The ass holes up there don't give a shit about us. Why then should we give a shit about him. The King of ass holes

2759th demoralized CC said...

Let all the management staffs work as a cabin crew for a few roster's like us and see if they say the same thing again

Anonymous said...

You cut cost, cut pay, paid us half a year ago want us to vomit out the money back for u said ur accountants count wrongly,
cut crew, cut galley, eycl one galley go long flt, got money make new jcl seat but tell me whats the diff from the past one pls?
make us work double harder than last time. I think its reasonable if we cut our work?
Standard drop? Want us work harder? Soar? You know what to do man!
Understand our work, think about what to do to make us work effectively, motivate us, not tekan us.
If without our hard work u think this company can go so far? U think u can be here to shake leg write report? U dont even exist man.
11yrs flying

Anonymous said...

i didn't know there were no cabin presence and customer interactions in SIA.
i wonder how they train their staffs.

changing carts, preparing SPML or whatever? like there's only 2 crews working in economy.

BUT if crews are not working cause company is cutting cost, then maybe they had their reasons to behave as such.

Anonymous said...

I love jen xuan!

3000th crew said...

..well said! and gv them T/A and 2-3days flts back-to-back. see whether they cn take it. easier said than done, ah seow!

3yrs CC !! said...

if there's a LIKE button, I would have liked all the posts!!!

I dunno about most ppl, but I know many CC out there really uphold our passion for service, did their best to delight passengers (at least myself..). Sometimes it's really unfair for us to be 100% perfect when we have to react to diff situations at one time in a flight. Pls understand that, yes we could definitely soar given a good pax profile and light load, but every flight is diff, many encounters and challenges are faced on diff flights, we always do our best no matter who we worked with. But honestly, what's pushing us down? what made us felt obliged to serve our dear company? The management!!! Why? Because with every changes you guys made, we have to get used to it.. And till now, how much have We be benefited as a crew? I'm not very senior, but look at those who had served SIA for a decade, 20, 30yrs...? what have they got for putting so much effort consistently all these yrs? an award for long service for display purpose? that's all??

Welfare? close to zero.
why?.. once a year free firm ticket for travel.. IS TAXABLE END OF A FINANCIAL YR IN OUR INCOME TAX? then it's not FREE at all.. where's d least benefit for us for working so hard?

Everything also CUT. but expect us to do EVEN AND EVEN BETTER. where's d motivation?

be glad many stay becos they have a passion, be glad tt everyday each and everyone of them make themselves and ppl ard them a happy people to work with; each other. to push themselves..

Be glad that we love what we do for ourselves.. but if management always coming up with lousy ideas without having enough feedbacks from a diff groups of CC before executing an idea, it will be create more problems. Stop asking those ppl who don't fly on a regular basis to implement ideas, think about how we will feel and how much work we are alr doing !!

p.s: if you guys up there do not know how much we are doing alr pls ask the passengers tt travel frequently with many other airlines. Do they provide so much like us (with how little that company provide us onboard?)

Passengers love the airline mostly becos of The CC... not becos of your outdated CMIV not the uncomfortable seats. pls bare in mind... we CC did a great job, to secure many many passengers tt still choose to fly with SIA.. pls put US in mind and improve the welfare!! else u are just gonna lose many many many excellent CC.

FS said...

well said..crew are the one who got the flt going. gv them due recognition and appreciate them. stf wl work better when they are appreciated. simple!

Anonymous said...

Hi to any freq flyers there,
may I know that is the min cc on flight become common practice to most of the airlines, how to you feel on cc service compare to local airline with other airlines ,eg like compare to korea or Japan ?
Is that really common that nowsday that there is little cablin presense on flight?
one more question, how come budget airline can provide cheaper fares compare to local airline? if let said local airline cut meals or wadever costs or service on flight, can the fares be as cheap as budget airline?

pax 123

Anonymous said...

Sibei song la this manager read already all the crew cfm motivated to work hard gao gao. Pray next time u also dont tio recognise on board la if not maybe your drink more tasty with some slimy bubbles

8 yrs as LSS said...

haha..maybe seow wl bring his own tetra-pack drinks n tapau food frm T3 the next time he it duty-trvl or holiday with his family..coz now a lot of crew recognise him, unlike the last time he travels where no one knws who the hell he is. You did a damn good job, Lian, in making known who SEOW WUI LIAN is!

Anonymous said...

Well said!!!!!!
Everything also cut all because it benefit the management KPI! And the cc? Because of the silly cost cutting, the cc have to kneel, kowtow to the pax when there is NO choice of meal because they didnt cater enough or the amangement didn't do a good job in knowing what is the fav meal choice for that sector. Lousy cmiv, lousy seats, no choice of meal=ALL CC fault. They have to face the pax while the people on ground sit behind the desk and shake leg

Anonymous said...

just let the standard drop la. as long as cc keep on wirking hard. the company will take things for granted. the company is really bulyibg the crew now. as long as cabin crew keep on doing a good job. the company will keep squeezing cc. do you think the mgtment doesnt know the morale is low. they just doesnt wants to do anything about. they are just more interested in their own kpi. they dont bother whether cc is dead or alive.

Anonymous said...

Passion? my foot!

The branding still got 20 cents value.
That is why you apply to be FS/FSS.. and the destinations. Otherwise, no diff with Jetstar, Air Asia.. etc.

Its been downhill guys... and there seems to be no end in sight. As long as you got the old birds at STC acting as go-between new managers and crew.

These old birds just want to see their 65 years and say sayonara. They are not going to crack their brains to even try to make things easier. So who ever these 'managers' are, who parachute in from other divisions or from outside, these old birds will just either sing along or they make sure their own stuff is not affected. But you crew are 100% expendable. After all, the union is also lame duck.

Just ask yourself: How come some AM can still be around all these decades??
They never ever make mistakes meh?
And if they did, how come they still around?? and the senior crew all kenna sack, not extended??
They angels? They immortals? They got balls of steel?

Anonymous said...

Ex CC:
If the mgt staff realised there is a drop in standard of svc, have she reflected why is this so? Crew are demoralised by paycut. Next not providing us with equipment and expect us to work wonders and soar beyond is quite impossible.

There are better ways of cost cutting measures. But cutting from the crew which is the heart of a service airline is not the best way to go. There is a serious shorthand of crew onboard. Be glad we didnt fly trays out to paxs. We still appreciate that there are paxs who recognise our hardwork! Imagine during a lull period there is only 2 crew to handle 100+ paxs in aft zone. Plus if its a junior fss and ls pairing, it will be quite hectic. Servicing galley.. then think of a method to cut down on us servicing the galley. Preparing drinks and snacks need times. Preparing spml stickers, check sales and vrs need times. Please do not expect us to sacrifice our little crew rest time! Thats quite inhumane.

To all passengers who are reading this, please understand that our work is not easy. If ur boss cut your pay and expect you to work as hard as ever, will you be happy? Given the ever changing society culture and mindset, all of us are getting more demanding than ever. Facing all this, can you keep your cool forever?