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Monday, November 25, 2013

The haves and have nots amongst cabin crew

The sad truth is the majority have to slog their guts out to either support their families or themselves. However, there are a small number who are wealthy by inheritance. These fortunate ones who were born with silver spoons in their mouth need not worry too much about the cost cutting measures taken by the airlines. They are still able to spend a lot of their salaries on good food,branded goods,cars etc. while their not so wealthy colleagues have to tighten their belts.

It is the same story with those who have retired and now into their sixties. Many still have to work to support themselves while some just jet around to places where they have luxurious houses,apartment etc in the Australian Gold Coast,Phuket and even London.

There are a few retired and ex-crew who still lead that jet-set life styles. One whom I knew well enough has a couple of millions in his bank accounts. From his family trust fund he gets a million a year till the day he dies (he is still single). Another one inherited millions from the sale of his family properties after his parents passed away (he has since migrated). He was the only child in the rich family. There was an ex-steward who inherited $20 million after his father sold his block of apartments. There are more whom I won't mention.

Now as for the have nots, one is currently working as a dishwasher in a restaurant for a meagre salary of $700 a month. Another is working as a part time security guard for the same miserable salary. Both are into their late sixties. One is living off his monthly CPF payout of $400 a month. He can't work due to poor health.
There are others who are employed as security guards earning about $1,500 a month. Many drive taxis earning somewhere between $2,000 to $3,000 a month. Driving taxi is the favourite retirees' job but  they can't drive for long due to their age.

I feel sorry for the latter, at the same time does not envy the former as I am contented with what I am doing in my retirement years. I count myself fortunate although I sometime wish my parents had left me with some big inheritance or trust.


Anonymous said...

As long as you are in good health is what matter most.

Boh Tong said...

Health is wealth is commonly agreed by all especially the older folks like myself. However, having good health plus wealth is better. I don't wanna be healthy and live to an old age without money too. Reasons are obvious isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Thought all you bugges always say cabin screw are professionals and are in great demand outside? So why ended up as dishwashers, security guards and taxi drivers? Same as the present cabin screw. Cherish your job. O levels and your so called distance learning degrees get you nowhere! Stop whining and gwai gwai serve your trays and clean the shit!

Anonymous said...

How can one be so crude and rude using phrases like "gwai gwai clean the shit!"?
U look down on cc and one fine day you will have slimmy drinks in flight

Anonymous said...

The main problem with these waiters and waitresses is they think too highly of themselves. They think of themselves as ambassadors, first aiders, bartenders, professionals etc. The truth is they are nothing more than lazy bums and complain kings and queens

Anonymous said...

Yes cabin crew think they are sophisticated people but are in reality ignorant and low class waiters and waitresses

Anonymous said...

The 3 anonymous are either sour grapes who cudnt get in after applying numerous times or some mgmt b*ll carriers trying to get even after the recent seow gi nah case. u shud hv read abt ah seow b4 concluding who the biggest COMPLAINANT is..ah oh, ah seow is no cabin crew. Go uni but damn s***** (fill in the blanks yourself)

Anonymous said...

Personally I feel bad for our cabin crew judging by the unwelcome comments in this blog. BT should not have published them as they do not serve any purpose except hatred.

Boh Tong said...

I believe in freedom of expression and will continue to publish all comments except those that are personal and with names mentioned. However, if the person dares to reveal to me his or her name then I will publish the comments.

Anonymous said...

Driving taxi is not an easy job. The longer you are on the road, the higher chances of an accident. Bladder control is another challenge, and drunks and abusive riders.

You are in fact renting a car and working very hard to get the rent paid.

Crew are extremes. You have some who are so stingy that after 10 years or so, are able to buy a terrace house.. all falling apart of course.

Then you have the others who gamble horses, dogs, and all things round in shape.. just different sizes.

Yet another group who trade in shares all over from SGX to NYSE.. I have seen an LS trade 350,000 shares during a 10 min meeting in DXB just while waiting for his kakis to go out for lunch. In that 10 min, he made a profit of $28K. He is still an LS... no bone to him. Earns more than the skipper... but he is low key.. very low key. If I did not bump into him in the crew room, I would not have known.
( he was there for the free internet )

Max,SC,Dennis and more have invested wisely and are reaping their rewards.
It helps too if you have no dependents.
There are unwise ones too, now paying for their poor judgements... and living in past glory.

Zero & the neighbours, by 100!!

Once upon a time shouted by famous characters at the Sporting Club

Victim said...

At least they don't cheat like that "white hair chee kor peh" who cheats the poor subordinates through Mahjong.

Anonymous said...

Real Insider :
Today, you forgot your people.
You unashamedly belittled them.
Those smiles, those touches than made your bubble plan looked good.
You only talk. You only plan. Like you really know.
But really? You don't know shit. You ignore their daily struggles. You talk like god, lie like the devil.
IT all came from the heart of those people.
What put food on their tables, also send your daughters to ballet lessons, your sons to kite flying and you to golf courses.
You're surrounded by those who hoped for extension till they die tomorrow.
The spirit was lost when those who put in their lifetime can't no longer see the same timeline in the future.
The young giving you exactly what cheap tidings and insults you give them.
The golden goose was your people.
Their hearts, their kindness and their spirits which you sold away.
Everyday is the same.
They all no longer have faith.
They're just doing it for the sake of doing it.
Of course they are all lowly to you as you continue to put your head in your own ass.
Past glories was lost because of you.
Your degrees and doctorate did not put the smile that makes it all worth while.
In reality, you're nothing without your people.
They made you look good, not the donkeys who have meetings with everyday.
Why? Because you can never outsource them but everybody else on ground can be outsourced.
Like the directors. One man outsource team, sitting on different boards at the same time.
Haven't you learnt anything???
No, you're head is still stuck in your own ass till the day you die.