Thursday, November 7, 2013

The robber became .......

The year was 1967 and I was a young prison officer. Believe it or not I was robbed in taxi one night on my way home. The 2 robbers didn't know who I was. They robbed me at knife point. They took the $25 I had as well as my watch and a gold ring. They were kind enough to give me back $5 for my taxi fare. The driver wasn't robbed at all. However, I don't think the taxi driver was an accomplice.
They even apologised for robbing me. Their excuse was that they had lost money in gambling.

I reported the robbery to the police as well as my chief officer. While the matter was under investigation by the police, I did my own investigation. I remembered the faces of the 2 young lads.

A few of the prison inmates were helpful to me. I told them the place I was robbed and gave them the description of the 2 robbers. Within a few days, I had some information about the robbers. I passed the information to the police.

We swung into action and set a trap on the same route where I was robbed. It was the Nee Soon and Upper Thomson area. For 3 nights in a row there were no success. But then on the 4th night we managed to apprehend the same 2 robbers.

A few months later they were sentenced to RTC where I was working. Words got around and they found out I was once their victim. They were afraid that I may seek revenge.....but I didn't and instead treated them decently.

One of them became some sort of a friend to me. In reality, he became one of my informers. I think he is now dead but if he is still alive he would be in his early 60s.

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