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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This one more shiok than the staff feedback hor?

SIN-FRA on A380 upper deck emergency exit seats 71 H&K. Note these seats have no overhead storage as they are full of first aid equipment so try to get on early as you will struggle to find space. Initial start to flight was not good with a 1 hour delay and later finding out that the TV screen did not lock into place. What happened next was nothing short of amazing and should be a lesson in customer service (Emirates I hope you read this as SIA economy is better than your Business Class). Leading stewardess managed to tape the screen in place and I was able to use for the rest of the flight with juts a minor inconvenience. I was offered the chance to move but declined as my wife and I wanted the extra leg room. Service was fantastic thought out the flight which staff coming around with drinks and snacks often (we were not singled out) We were given a voucher to use on duty free which we used straight away to buy a honeymoon present. On hearing this the leading FA said she had a surprise for us and later came back with a congratulatory gift of a slice of cake and 2 glasses of Dom Perignon from First Class. . The last four flights on SIA have been very good and consistent, it is also nice to see that the staff are allowed to let their personality shine through.

This was the best experience I had on a flight regardless of class

29 October 2013 by C Hoffmann    (Germany)


Anonymous said...

If no free Dom then not good service. Life's like that.

Anonymous said...

To all cabin crew : Uncle BT may have retired, but he has not lost his fighting spirit. This letter of compliment posted is an example of our crew had gone the extra mile in leaving a lasting impression on the married couple. Many of us have done this and similar initiatives before. It is this little gesture on our crew that will lift the image of our airline. The foto of our stewardesses and the steward could not have come at a better time. We have flown long enough to understand how all of you have suffered at the hands of these wooden dinosaurs.

Our hearts and prayers are with all of you. Keep up your good work and keep soaring high! AAAAhhh.....the lawyer's letter is so funny>>>>>>>>>>


Boh Tong said...

Thank you to "ONE WHO IS QUIET AND ALERT"...aiyo u now not so quiet oredi rite?