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Friday, November 1, 2013

Update on the BNE molest case

I was informed the steward who was charged for molesting his female colleague has been suspended from flying duties. The stewardess is still on roster and is flying currently.
Both were relieved of their duties the next day following the alleged molest and flew back as passengers from Brisbane.
Investigation is still ongoing and the outcome of the case will take months.


Anonymous said...

Sex C is a seasoned investigator. By default the FS has the noose round his neck already... sex c just adds more weight to ensure a good hang.

To the FS:

start looking for new job now.. its ok.
turn your back and walk away from STC.. you need not suffer the canteen food and SEP anymore.

Maybe someone should start a coaching session that is opposite to "crew wannabe" to something like "withdrawing from flying"

half price... since they wont have money anymore.

Anonymous said...

It takes a bigger crook to be an investigator haha

Anonymous said...

Ya frog eyes sure looks like a crook!!

Quickie said...

Aiyah why take so long? Quick quick we want results

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that no Crew in Charge is involved. These youngsters ought to be left alone. Just do your job, do not be present for any togok session be it a birthday party or majhong game. Learn to walk alone, upgrade your intellectual property and be alert at all times.

There was one flight, SQ 1 ex-HNL where a stewardess was the last to make it down at pick up time. She was accompanied by three guys with each carrying her cargo bag, cabin bag and a bouquet of flowers. She was wobbly and looked like a whore after a hard day's night.

Our crew culture is so tolerant. If this was on JAL or EL AL, she would have been prevented from boarding the flght and a last minute standby replacement would have been alerted.


Anonymous said...

Some people never learn. Throw away good paying job for what??? Is she worth it? Then again, who can blame the FS? When the prick becomes erect, the brain stops functioning.