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Friday, November 22, 2013

"What more could you want?" "SIA remains polished, peerless and focused... "

SQ860, SIN-HKG. 777-200ER. After flying MAN-SIN via MUN this flight was my final leg. I was greeted by FT who when looking at my boarding pass knew straight away that I had a special dietary requirement. Throughout the flight this FT seemed to have remembered a certain number of people's names in our cabin and spoke to us only by using Mr or Mrs as a prefix to our personal names. I was overly impressed as this is something you just don't expect in Economy Class. The service was excellent with refreshments throughout the flight. FT's were friendly and didn't disturb you if you wanted to sleep. A very comfortable trip with personal entertainment, lots of leg room and a very high standard of service. What more could you want?

  5 November 2013 by M Marks    (UK)

A380, LHR-SIN Return sector of round-trip on 14/10/13. A faultless flight experience on the all-Business Class upper deck, thanks to the swift check-in and boarding, impeccable seat and cabin, an exemplary cabin crew, delicious meals and impressive IFE. No other airline offers such a calming inflight Business Class environment. I always arrive rested and refreshed after a long-haul flight with SIA, and look forward to the next. It never fails to impress me how well-groomed the crew are (an important detail many passengers fail to notice, such as the ambient music played at the right volume after landing) and how promptly attentive they are to passenger's needs. SIA remains polished, peerless and focused on their product and services for the FIT. This flight demonstrated all SIA's qualities perfectly.

19 October 2013 by H Lim    (Singapore)


ack kua fu said...

Ah, but then, you must understand... all these "positive" feedback is not appreciated becos manager not interested.


CC expected to deliver excellent service evrytime.. not "sometime". So manager interested only in negative feedback. It is used as proxy for "accurate" appraisal.


becos appraiser usually give "middle" scores.. mai cho pai nang.. becos kah ki nang rite? and no more flying CCEs.. to do appraisal.

You can collect 1 miillion positive feedback as a crew... but 1 negative and you die with a thousand knives stabbed into heart, liver, kidney.. then they put you on life support, squeeze your testicles and you lan. lan, kuai, kuai.. do your job. But the soul, the spirit left the body already.

Some IFs, Cs.. are like that.. zombie.. walking dead.. earn money just to pay mortage and maintain car.
Cannot leave, cannot fight, cannot talk, cannot innovate... walking dead.

Anonymous said...

you are right! cho kang ho ho mgr mai kwah.. they are interested in negative feedback. but..but..mai kong mgr bo boh sukak..

Anonymous said...

OI Ack kua, you don't anyhow say we old Ifs and Cs walk like zombie ah.
I walk and work faster than any of you young handsome, beautiful stewards and stewardesses hoh, but becos we quite old compared to you young guns that s why we look like zombies and lau ah pek to you.
Spare us some respect hoh ah qua;-)

Ack Qua Fu... said...

Yah.. sure you can work fast. I believe you.

But, but,.. its true rite?.. canot talk, canot leave, canot fight, canot innovate?
soul & spirit left the body oredi??? rite?

Under such criteria.. means:

Walking dead

ok... not walking... fast, fast but still dead.

Anonymous said...

Ack Qua, I am sure you are exaggerating.

Cannot talk? I am talking to you now or am I not?

Cannot fight? Aiyah you take off your shirt my one ponch will knock out your 6 pack hoh..mai sng sng.

Cannot innovate? I guess if you are such a good innovator you will be Sir Richard Branson or a Bill Gates liao so why are you still here with this jolly good coy?

Soul &spirit? I don't know leh, last time I check they are still with me leh.
Have you check yours? It seems pretty empty to me hahaha....

Cannot leave? I just got back from 1 week leave leh.

Honestly buddy, not all senior crew are what you generalise them to be.
Most of us work pretty hard sometimes to cover for juniors like you as we are accountable for your mistakes too.

Most of us are nice people too who do not believe in scarring peoples' career and we enjoy our job too that's why we are still here.

Btw there are also good and bad junior crew too and I am sure you are one of the BAD ONES. Hahaha....joking only ah,so don't get angry with uncle here.

No joke, no fun and life is too short to be so serious.

Ok buddy I have got to sign off now.
Tiok called up for flt liao.