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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Who the hell is EJ?

" E J said u praised him in your blog and he is very happy" was the message whatsApp-ed to me yesterday by a friend (not from SQ) who knew EJ too. But who is this EJ? ..... Click here to find out.

Can we find a boss like EJ these days? "Very difficult" would be the likely reply.
Sure I am a guy who believe in heaping praises on good and nice people when they are still around. Many would praise them at the graves or crematorium and read long eulogy or place flowers on their coffins. Perhaps, this is showmanship, to show the others around that he or she misses the dead.
These days bosses only think of themselves and how to climb the corporate ladder. They do not empathise with their subordinates. Some would even "kill" their subordinates to prove a point to their chairman or ceos
Fortunately for me, I do not have to work for these types of bosses anymore. In my 50 years of working life I've had enough of them!

         Below is another WhatsApp message in which E J told our friend about me.

" SS is the cleverest and knows what he is doing. But a lot of them lost $ trying to do biz when they
lack experience".

"But a lot of them lost $ trying to do biz" .....I agree with EJ's statement. There was one who knew nothing about food but dived into the business and lost $400,000 during his retirement. Another ex colleague invested in a restaurant and lost $140,000. A group of my ex colleagues formed a training academy for cc wannabes and lost a fortune.
After 3 decades of working for SIA, most of us do not have much working nor business experience. But we think we are the cleverest lot of people since we were cc trainers for the best airline in the world (at that time the best but not presently). But we are wrong. I survived because I think the good LORD has blessed me. As GOD has been helping me I will continue to help others eg like Jeff with his claypot rice business and the cc wannabes. 


IFSs said...

Eddie was a good man but did nothing for us in cabin crew.

Anonymous said...

Bohtong pls update ur detective stories blog leh...enjoy reading it haha

Boh Tong said...

Anonymous said...
Bohtong pls update ur detective stories blog leh...enjoy reading it haha

BT: I stopped writing detective stories cos of low readership. Too much work and too little appreciation la.

Anonymous said...

BT EJ your former boss commented you are smart blah blah but did he promote you when you worked under him?

Boh Tong said...

Nope, Eddie J did not promote me cos he didn't think much of me back then. Must be the assess in the office who brainwashed him and told him I was a good for nothing fellow...hahahaaaaaa!

Anonymous said...

All SVP were mushrooms.

The managers & CCE just kept them in the dark and fed them with lots of bull shit.

Except for TPT.. he had his own agenda.
Mushroom or not.. the objective was to replace, remove, reject anyone who does not dance to the same tune.

Anonymous said...

Yes you are right TPT was one of the worst SVPs. He cared for his own position. He is eyeing for the EVP and later the CEO job.

Anonymous said...

BT EJ did not even give you a merit increment when he was your SVP. What is your comment to that?

Boh Tong said...

Perhaps he was influenced by the managers/AM etc (U have to remember I was not popular with them as I wasn't a balls carrier)