Saturday, December 28, 2013

Report about IFS Alan Khoo's death was .....

Sadly all of this re Alan Khoo (Kim Heng) are true. For reasons unknown he took his own life in Lower Hutt, New Zealand on the 26th Dec 2010.
Alan had turned 60 on the 3rd Dec 2010. He had suffered chronic back pain after a badminton accident several years ago and also had a house with what is called in NZ "Leaky House Syndrome" (Google it - it is very serious indeed). We will never really know what pushed him over the edge but the NZ police do say there was nothing anyone could have done to stop him. He was very determined.
We will all miss him terribly and we will spend endless hours trying to work "Why" & "What If". Tragedy like this should not happen.
We hope that Alan is now in a better, happier and pain free place.

The above was left as a comment in my blog by a friend of Alan 3 years ago.

I do not believe Alan took his own life. He was a determined and tough nut to crack and would not have killed himself for whatever reason or reasons.
I have this nagging suspicion that Alan was murdered.

Alan left SQ years ago, probably in the mid 1990s. He had a lot of money,half of it from the sale of his house in Lucky Heights left by his late mother. He acquired at least a hundred thousand SQ shares and sold them at a profit and immigrated to Sydney. In short, Alan was a rich man.

After living in Sydney for a couple of years, he fell in love with a relatively young ex-convict from New Zealand. He moved to NZ to be with his lover . Then, that's where the trouble started. He severed ties with his friends in Australia and Singapore. No one knew what he was doing and how was he getting on.

Alan was to me an excellent IFS. I was on his flights a few times and I have never fail to give him outstanding reports on his work. He was also a respectful IFS and those who were hardworking always like to work with him.  Naturally, the lazy and skiving crew did not like Alan.

His friends from London as well as from Sydney tried contacting him but to no avail.  Then came the shocking news that Alan hung himself on 26 December 2010.

Who murdered Alan?? I do not have the answer and if I do have I'll be too scared to tell.


Anonymous said...

Who the f cares!? There are a few more whom i have been monitoring in the obituarites pg of the shit times daily. Will open a champagne and spit at their wake when they die a painfu death. Karma will get them. Perhaps not them but their descendants!

Anonymous said...

Who is he lor? Nobody gives a shit! My friend xxx also died. My batch gal xxx just got dumped by ang mo. Who cares!?

Anonymous said...

Those 2 wicked comments were from the same sick and bitter person who needs counselling urgently. My dear friend please don't be bitter especially against the dead for it will do nothing good for yourself. Go see a counsellor or psychiatrist for you need help.

Anonymous said...

There are mean people around to pass horrible comments about others who have died. Shame on you two whose comments are unacceptable!

Anonymous said...

Alan will remain as he is in each of our memories.

Leave the deceased alone, they are taken care of in another world.

Look after the living, they need to be cared for now.

Anonymous said...

Although I may not like a person I will NOT say things like those 2 ! Like the chinese say kaki BO HO C arh !


Anonymous said...

So Allan is bo ho c?

Anonymous said...

I have worked with Alan Khoo when he was flying with us. First got to know him when he was LS. He looked very manly and had a great voice to match his personality. He set very high standards, took pride in his job and was always very meticulous. He had tendencies to be very emotional, good manners although those who did not know know him could find him intimidating. RIP.

Anonymous said...

It's unbelievable that we have 2 terrible evil,uncompassionate arseholes!!!!

BT, the least you can do is to erase those 2 rude uncalled remarks made by the 2 childish idiots!Since we are unable to make them disappear from this earth!!!!

Let the dead RIP!

Anonymous said...

The first 2 are those lousy CC who disgraced the profession...

Anonymous said...

Cabin crew are not a very honourable or well respected profession to begin with. Just waiters and waitresses

Anonymous said...

so, yr job is very honourable is it? you're such a sour grape! Mark my words, one of yr family members wl be a crew. Oh, just so u knw..there are lawyers who cheat, managers who dnt knw their job, teachers who have relationship with students, religious leaders who misuse place-of-worship funds.. So what do u have to say to that?

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with being waiters and waitresses?
They are earning an honest living and deserve credit for taking crap dished out by low minded douchebag like you.

Anonymous said...

The writer of those hurtful, insensitive remarks will be very frustrated if you don't publish his letter. This is the best way to deal with it.

Anonymous said...

To the person who posted,"Cabin crew are not a very honourable or well respected profession.....blah, blah, blah".

You represent a certain segment of people who only respect people who are rich, of higher status, of higher intellect etc.
You are what make society pretentious and sick cos you only look up to shallow ideals.
Unlike people from 1st world cultures,who value people more for their integrity, how much they contribute to society and basically how a good person he is, you are an afront to what a civilised society is all about and you should be utterly ashamed of yourself whoever you are and I am a Singaporean and I don't know whether you are one.

That is why when our then PM LKY was asked why Singapore being a 1st world nation still needs strict laws like the chewing gum ban, he correctly said,"yes I have gotten singapore out of the hole, but its people still have the man-in-the-hole mentality".

He was spot on, on people like you who only behave pompous by trivialising and dehumanising the careers of other people be they waiters, security guards, bus drivers etc who does an honest living putting food on the table for the family.

It is people like you who disembellish the nation's effort in trying to make Singapore a more civil society, one that is status blind by your snobbish put down of other peoples'jobs.


Just a handsome Chief Steward.

Anonymous said...

....Just a handsome Chief Steward..You've hit the nail right its head. You're probably right about this writer on what he has posted. When LKY became PM in 1959, he never failed to stress that Singapore has no mineral resources like other nations and was meticulous on efficiency and service standards. There was one occasion when he called the Singapore Telephone Board and encountered a rude telephone operator. He had her sacked right away and published her dismissal in the newspaper. He made it very clear that we in Singapore cannot afford to be rude. Many times he had mentioned that if SIA loses money, it will have to close down. Like JHCS,I cannot say for sure whether the anonymous writer is from Singapore. Scrolling my memory, I can say without reservation that our standards have taken a turn for the worse. Examples can be seen in the decling standard of English, people talking loudly over mobile phones, yawning with their mouths widely open and littering openly. The little red dot used to be an island of peace and happiness until the foreigners started coming along in huge droves. Many have two bank accounts and ride on the crest of the Singdollar and claiming credit that is not theirs.

During the 35 years that David Marshall practised law, not a single complaint had ever been received on corruption or morality from any govt official or judge. Look at the disgraceful former law lecturer who had sex in his office with one of his female students in exchange for better grades. She had also bought gift for him. This professor had turned his office into a brothel. Rich man's daughter could not obtain good bukat....barisan!

After serving his jail term, he appeared in the news this time, with his skull shaven. Trying to convey a hidden msg? No one needs to be a genius to imagine how his Japanese wife would deal with such a notorious husband.

Same for "Tuah Pui Ah Lian" when she turned up in court to answer for the frequent MRT breakdowns. She came hobbling with a walking stick. Trying to win sympathy? Better go back and start washing toilets for UMNO.

Work Permit and EP holders tend to look up to the rich and will. The female espectant mothers have a common attitude. This is manifested in how selctive they can be in how they treat Singpore as a base for convenienc. If one is expecting a female, she gives birth here. If its a boy, its back home. Reason is obvious.

My parting shot to Anonymous writer in Q, if you are a crew, leave.