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Friday, December 27, 2013

Should I coach him first and pay me when he succeed?

Hi Mr. Luke Tan,

 I'm afriad this will be one of the thousands of email you'll receive and you'll perhaps not be interested in reading this as i do not have $400 to hire you.
But this is what i've to say.
I'll be very honest with you.
I do not belive 100% that attending your course will make me succeed in the upcoming SIA interview.
I do not have the capability to pay $100 for your talk.
My family is not well to do off.
My dad is an odd job worker and my mum is a cleaner.
Yes, i know you may heard this a thousand times over and over again.
I honestly do wish to be an air steward.

Let's begin with myself.
I'm 22 years old.
178cm and weighing at 75KG, I meet all the requirements with SIA.
went for the interview twice and got kicked out in the first round.
I'm not ugly neither am i a hunk, I'm an average looking male. 6/10 if you do have to rate.

My aim to become an air steward is plainly simple,
i wish to travel the world for free, getting paid, yes all this are what everyone is chasing after.
My 2nd aim is to be able to bring my beloved mum around the world with the best airline in the world and with discounted prices.
With an income of 3.5k monthly, i'm sure i would be able to do it.

My sole aim is to support my family and my younger brother.
I've a challenge for you.

If you are willing too, i'll be more than willing to meet you up and i'll hope you'll be able to coach me through.
If everything is successful, I'll pay you the money once i get my first 3,5k of income.

I'm just another wannabe who wishes to be in SIA.


Anonymous said...

Pathetic don't even have $100 to pay for the seminar. BT do you think he will pay you when he is successful? My view is he will not inform you if he gets the job. Don't be fooled.

Anonymous said...

and mpI was a wanna but made it for the intv aft several attempts. I knw BT used to be an interviewer and probably has great tips for wannabes. $100 is too much for me oso, so I just keep going despite getting booted out. I don't see why he can't do the same if he sounded so confident in his email. If you meet the requirements, confirm SIA will hire you one day.. Just keep trying la, need to 'challenge' (or beg) meh?!

ted said...

Hi Mr tan;
i will be happy to sponsor him for the seminar. just send me the bill. and I am not asking anything in return.
be it real or fake, its a season of giving.
if $100 can make someone's dream come true..and happiness.
Atelier Tang

Boh Tong said...

Thanks Ted for your kind offer. I do not have any seminar at the moment. When I do, I will let him know you are willing to sponsor him.

Snowy Beagle said...

To pose it as a challenge to you, this person has no idea what is the worth of what he is asking for from you.

To do the job well, the SIA cabin crew has to be willing to "go the extra mile" to please the passengers - and it is very much a matter of personal disposition and attitude.

In Singapore, there are many ways to earn $100 - if the person is not willing to do so, it already reflects on how much a person is willing to do even if he does get the job.

That $100 is not just a fee to the trainer - and does not even begin to reflect the worth of the training.

At the very basic, it is a commitment from the person - and a person who is not willing to earn the amount to invest in himself is not a person with much sense of commitment.

That's my take.