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Saturday, December 7, 2013

SIA's profits soared but Qantas downgraded to "junk"

SIA's 1st half profits soared to S$169 million whereas Qantas lost S$340 million in the same period. S&P has downgraded Qantas credit ratings to "junk" status. Qantas has announced a 1,000 job cuts. It has sought financial help from the Australian government but PM Abbott has told Qantas management to "get its house in order". "If we subsidise Qantas, why not subsidise everyone?"
"And if we subsidise everyone, that's just a bottomless pit into which we will descend."...Mr. Abbott was quoted as saying by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.


Anonymous said...

CEO QANTAS, Alan Joyce had demanded that the Australian Govt intervene to prevent its National Carrier from foregn acquisition. The PM has rejected his demand. Virgin Australia is coming on strong in its ambitious plan to increase its stake in QANTAS. Richard Branson has called upon QANTAS to improve its service to customers. Service leave much to be desired! Not a bad strategy for somenone who had collected 600 million pounds from SIA.

Anonymous said...

Have you read the latest edition of OUTLOOK? SQ directors have come on board flights to work with the CC serving passengers. They are dressed in uniforms, dishing out towels, checking meal carts and paxs seats as well as collecting trays and table linens. Richard Branson started this in the 1980s checking bags and serving his paxs. Not bad.....