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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A stewardess's story...The beginning of my flyin career

Got this story from stewardess Fiona. Btw AMs don't bother to go on a witch-hunt as Fiona isn't a SQ fss.

As a child I had flown on many airlines. I was fortunate as my dad was a cabin crew and had the abundant opportunities to travel free of charge every year on SQ.
I started flying as a passenger as young as 6 years old with my parents on a holiday to one of SQ's destination. Many times,we flew on other carriers and dad being an SQ crew always obtained either discounted or free tickets from other airlines.
I vividly remember flying on a jet with my mum as passengers and dad was working on that flight. We went to Sydney and spent 3 days there,staying in the hotel SQ provided dad and his crew. Mum was also a crew before she gave birth to me.
I am terribly sorry for not introducing myself to you. Okie dokie my name is Fiona and I am a flight stewardess with X Airlines for the last one year. I am a pretty girl of 20 years of age. My dad is Eurasian of Dutch descent and mum is pure Chinese.
My parents do not know that I am going to blog about my life in the airline.They would certainly discourage me from doing so. It is a risk that I've got to take and like I said earlier,I would face the sack if my employer comes to know about this blog. But I just couldn't sit still and be dumb about the things that are going around our lives as crew. Definitely there are hundreds of blogs about cabin crew and I am just an amateur compared to those people but what the heck because I think I can be as good as them.

When I first turned up at X Airlines Training Centre on the first day of commencement of my stint as a trainee,there were a few things I thght dat were'nt cool at all.
I saw male crew,the older ones like chief pursers dressed sloppily for their courses.
Some of these old male crew (abt 40+yrs old)had nostril hair sticking out from their noses (a few had white ones). Disgusting!
I aso noticed older female crew were overwt. and some looked like "ah sohs". It was a shock to me.
People in canteen talked very loudly.
People when greeted by us trainees, were'nt interested in returning our greetings.
People looked overworked and sulky.
The office staff of cabin crew dept were'nt friendly with us trainees. In fact,they were snobbish.
Management staff were as bad as the office staff.

For continuation of Fiona's stories click here


Angry Am said...

You know why AMs wont go hunting for Fiona? Because she is non existent and is a fictious character which you created in the hope of stiring some shit and bringing traffic to this blog!

Anonymous said...

Why be upset Angry AM? Most stories are fictious anyway. Sit back relax and enjoy after all they are free isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Tght AMs are beli busy so how come got time to read blogs? Wa get big fat paycheck and read ppl's blogs. Coy shd sack these old dinosaurs.

Anonymous said...

Sour grapes huh?

Anonymous said...

Dey sour grapes over uncle BT for dey have to slot while BT enjoy writing "fictious" stories for us to read haha

Passerby a fan of BT said...

Strange how some who accused BT of making up his stories and still visit his blog. As for me i do not care a shit as long as the stories are entertaining.

Anonymous said...

CC shd get rid of ALL the AMs icluding those that can C and those that cun !

Anonymous said...

There are some gd office staff altho some are snooty n do nt gv a hoot to trainees. They knw who they are...

Anonymous said...

Very true.

Anonymous said...

Honestly BT, are you still "friendly" with those left behind in CC?

People like hairy,twa mak,sammy, arlim, miss plastic? these were to chosen ones..the annoited ones..

I cannot see one iota of goodness in any of them. Fake, yes.. sincerity no.

Anonymous said...

I don't think BT is friendly with those you mentioned. If you want to know BT can't tahan em vv

Anonymous said...

Who are those peope mentioned? Hairy, twa, sammy, airlim, miss plastic? They flying crew?

Anonymous said...

dey r dinosaurs who still work for the airline drawing huge salary.Dey r there to whack the crew to justify their fat pay packets.Useless parasites dey are!