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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"Are you ok buddy,? I have not heard from you for a looong looong while"

It troubles me each time I message a friend or classmate or retired colleague and I do not get a response. The reasons may be due to the change of phone numbers or fed up of me for reasons unknown. However, the most scary one would be the guy has passed away and I do not even know about it. Touch wood, I have not encounter such a situation yet.
One of my ex-colleagues in his response to my text message told me he was fine and he knew I was ok because my blog is being updated regularly. That's one way to tell whether I am still alive or not.
Just for info, if I am gone, this blog will not be updated and it will be self-destruct. There will be no other notifications eg  no obituary ads in newspaper, no announcement, no wake ( no need to go thru the pain of parting one's $$ in donation) etc. I have instructed that my body be cremated asap.
In short, no one will know of my demise except my family members. As for the "wake spitters" they will be terribly disappointed. Read more about the "wake spitters" >>>> http://www.bohtong.org/2013/12/wickedest-and-most-black-hearted.html

I just heard this story about a relatively young crew (a leading steward) who died in his sleep after partying the whole night. See...you never know when you are going. Mr. Death is no respecter of age. It is inevitable that Mr. Death will one day embrace you.

There was an Inflight Supervisor who also partied the whole night with heavy drinking and smoking so  much so he couldn't wake up for his flight the next morning. Guess what when the other crew went to his room to wake him up? He was stoned cold and gone.

So my dear friends and ex-colleagues as well as my ex-classmates please do not give me unnecessary anxiety by not responding to me sms/WhatsApp or phone calls.


Anonymous said...

5 years flying junior says:

BT , the champagnes are not for you la lol...I am sure..At least my champagne is for those gods in the office & those papayas at control and i cant wait to pop. They dont realise everyone in this world got expiry date, even their job at the office has expiry date. And yet they treat their fellow colleagues like they are different level of human beings.
They wont understand, usually when they realise is late la..
RIP to this LS...

5 years flying junior

Jacky said...

What do you mean this blog be self-destruct when you are gone? U mean this blog will be deleted?

Boh Tong said...

Yes Jacky u r rite la