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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ben an ex leading steward

Sometime last week, I met a guy at a coffee shop in Serangoon. He waved at me from his seat but I couldn't recognised him. I went over to him and he stretched out his hand to shake mine.
"I am Ben an ex SIA leading steward and you must be SS Tan right?" he said with a smile on his face.
According to Ben, he left the airline 20 years ago. He couldn't take flying especially the long night flights. He often fell sick, he told me and so he quit his leading steward job and became a private tutor (for a short while).
Ben offered me a glass of beer but I declined and instead ordered a cup of kopi O (black coffee). We chatted for a while and I found out he was a small-time professional horse punter. He told me he was making a living out of punting on horses. Ben told me he does not punt big but limit himself to $100 per bet and that's why he could survive. I didn't believe him at all. Then he pulled out 2 winning tickets and showed me. I wasn't convinced that one could survive on horse punting. I knew of many people who were made bankrupts due to horse punting. The bookies were the ones who would mostly likely end up being the winners. Nevertheless, I listened to Ben's stories about his winnings. He allowed me to snap his winning tickets on my camera phone. After 30 minutes, we parted company.

I was tempted at first to ask Ben for some punting tips for last weekend races but I resisted. Ben was convincing but still I want to stay away from such people. I don't want to be a sucker and lose my hard earned money on gambling.

For $100 bet each Ben collected $1040 (left pic) and $730 (right pic) on the same night


Anonymous said...

so eazy to make money meh?

Lian said...

Hmmm, a private tutor who is a punter, I wonder what subjects he teaches?

Anonymous said...

He is teaching kids how to make $$ from horse racing haha

Anonymous said...

Schemers are found everywhere. People, including Cabin Crew have been duped. One such con is spelt with a double N in place the genuine Geneva. This is tantamount to identity theft or blatant fraud. It has come under the CAD for investigation. Investors who have put in their money are henced, not allowed to withdraw a single cent pending the outocome of the CAD probe.