Friday, January 17, 2014

"Cabin crew prepare for arrival"

"Cabin crew prepare for arrival" one of the sweetest sound the crew would love to hear. This is an announcement from the pilots over the PA system to alert the cabin crew to prepare the cabin and passengers for the landing. Within 15 to 20 minutes after this announcement is made, the aircraft would touch down. The place could be an airport in a foreign land or in Singapore. To many, it will be a very much welcomed announcement if the place is Singapore, the home to many crew.
It is the end of a flight and many are going home to their families and loved ones whom they have missed especially if they have been away for a long while. Children and spouses would be waiting at the arrival or at home to welcome the crew. To many this is a happy occasion.

However, there are some crew who would feel sad to be homeward bound. They would leave behind their secret lovers who may be cabin crew themselves. Some passengers would also be in the same position as the crew. They had their fun overseas and now it's back to their spouses, fiancees, boy friends, girl friends who would be waiting for them.

One first class passenger whom I knew fairly well told me his stewardess girlfriend on our flight would have to return to her fiance once the plane touched down in Singapore. The passenger was a married man who was very much in love with the stewardess. He told me he would do anything to win her over.

A married pilot who was flying the plane which his girlfriend stewardess was on almost cried confiding in me how much he would miss her on arrival into Singapore.

A chief steward's girlfriend (stewardess on the same flight he was working) on arrival was met by his fiercely jealous wife and slapped in public (at arrival hall after customs).

The above were just a few examples of how the announcement "cabin crew prepare for arrival" mean to the crew and passengers.


Anonymous said...

Hi bt,

may I know this articles as above was written by you or by other ppl? wad are the moral of this articles heh? thx.

Boh Tong said...

This article was written by me. It is to illustrate how the crew and some passengers feel about getting home to S'pore.