Monday, January 20, 2014

SIA Flight Attendant/Cabin Crew Salary and Allowances

Due to the popularity of this topic, I have re-post it here ( was first posted in March 2013). Hope the subject is useful to those who are interested in applying for the cabin crew job with SQ.

$1,340 - $2,150..Flight steward/stewardess

The commencing salary for Flight Steward/Stewardess with a recognised university degree as determined by the Company shall be $1,490 per month.

 $1,740 - $2,785.....Leading crew

$2,230 - $3,565.....Chief

$2,580 - $4,135.....Inflight superviosor

Each crew is given $277 a month as transport allowance and $125 a month for uniform laundry. An average of $2,800 in Location Meal Allowance (LMA)and IFA (assuming a crew flies from 70 to 80 hours a month)is paid to each crew per month. For a new crew the staring Basic salary is $1,340. If you were to add up all the allowances and salary of a new cabin crew it comes up to $4,542.
The above does not include bonuses and gratuities.

BT: The salary of $4,542 for a new crew is my estimate.


Anonymous said...

hi bt,

are that so that a cc with grade cc2 sometimes may earn lesser than a grade cc1 due to different duty roster?
let said four crew (cc1 to cc4) having the same duty roster for a month. which mean all these 4 crew should be working together for duties for a month. Then according to the paid rates, cc4 paid will be highest follow by cc3 is it?

Boh Tong said...

Yes u are right cos ccw has a higher basic and Incentive Flying Allowance (IFA)

Lian said...

Wow, decent pay. I didn't know there are graded salary for different rank. I remembered feeling unfair when I was paid the same basic as a trainee when I was a leading stewardess. That was the time when company increased basic salary across all board. It was $510 basic. There is no comparison here, it was more than 20 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks,

A general information i wanted to be aware on.

What is the waiting time between final interview and Date of joining

Anonymous said...

Hi BT, do you think the chances of getting recruited in SQ 2016 now is quite high?
Any tips to ace SQ interview?

Boh Tong said...

Yes higher chance than before. Go and buy my e-guide.