Thursday, January 16, 2014

Will this cabin crew wannabe be blacklisted?

Dear Mr Luke Tan,

I'm quite worried right now about my situation, i went for the interview earlier on and screwed up.
I went once and got booted out at the first round.
Not accepting my failure myself, i went to get another application form and queued again.
The guy asked if i've came earlier on and i lied to him saying no.

While i was seated he called me out and told me not to even try to lie as his system detected that i came earlier on.

My question is, will i be blacklisted because of this? 
I'm really worried as i do want this job badly.

Please advise me on this Mr Tan.

I look forward to your reply and i thank you for your time and help.
Please reply me i really need your help and advise.


BT: Can anyone or people in the relevant department help please?


Anonymous said...

Me don't think SQ is that petty to blacklist you.

Anonymous said...

Yup she or he will be BLACKLISTED.

Unknown said...

For integrity reasons, yes.