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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

From riches to rags, a steward's sad story.

Harry is a senior cabin crew. He loves to gamble. He would speculate on the stock market as well as gamble in casino.

At one time Harry made it big, perhaps a couple of millions from stocks. He bought a nice big house in Bukit Timah worth a few million bucks. The cars he and his stewardess wife drove was no less than a few hundred thousand bucks each.
They enjoyed life and still continued to fly as cabin crew.
One day when the stock market crashed, Harry's lost everything. He told me the banks with whom he borrowed money auctioned his house,cars etc and even his bicycles. Then he downgraded to an old 4 roomed HDB flat.

He stopped speculating on stocks and also stopped gambling in casinos.
Lately, I heard Harry is in trouble again.This time he borrowed money from his stewardesses during a stop in Europe. He lied to them he needed money urgently for his folks in Europe who were sick. They used their credit cards and withdrew money for him. He promised he would write a cheque when he check out with them to fly home.
During check out time, Harry was absent. The stewardesses from whom he borrowed money were shocked to hear that Harry was not flying back with them. He was on medical leave.

In Singapore,the stewardesses waited for him and managed to meet Harry one one of his departure days. Harry told them he was broke and would pay them when he collected his pay. Again he failed to pay them. This time the girls brought their boy friends and met Harry. They almost beat him up but he begged them to give him time to pay them which he never did. The case was reported to the office.

After a disciplinary enquiry, Harry was fired from his job.

Today, Harry is driving a taxi in Singapore.

BT: On the subject of taxi-driving, I hailed a taxi recently from my place to the airport and to my pleasant surprise the driver of the cab was an ex chief steward. I couldn't recognise him at first as it was in the night. He (Jay) could recognise me as it was easier for him to see from inside the cab.

We chatted all the way to the airport. Jay seemed to be contented with driving a cab. He did not have any children and his wife is also working. Jay left SQ before his 58 birthday and was given a gratuity of 80k.

The fare came to about $16. I handed Jay 2 ten dollar notes and asked him to keep the change. We did not exchange phone numbers and that was the end of our contact ( most probably we were not close but mere ex colleagues)


Anonymous said...

5 years flying junior says:

Congrats EX CS JAY, I am glad you are able to leave abit early and get 80k at least enjoy a little of the fruits of your labour all the years.
Unlike if you extend all the way, last 50k also taken from you...machiam work for free for 6 months for the coy, siao!

As for Harry, i thought he was given 4 demerit points , didnt knew he was sacked. Hope he turned for the better and lead an honest living, gamble is entertainment, dont get into the addiction of thinking gambling is an investment.

best regards,
5 years flying junior

Lian said...

I was in Jay's taxi once and was surprised that he recognized me even though I flew with him once. I remembered he was complaining non stop about company policies. However, he was very cheerful when he was driving but I still have to listen to his flying days grievances. I bet he has been pouring his hearts out to all his passengers.

Jacky said...

I don't understand why those who extended working get to be penalized and get reduced gratuity. Is this illegal? Its just not right.

Anonymous said...

weetnci cyanideIt's OK to drive a taxi and can understand how it feels to be one after all the years of living in hotels and the CC lifestyle. Two former Cockpit crew, one a commander, are also taxi drivers. Can someone tell me about this Harry? Just can't make out who he is....

Anonymous said...

hi bt,
I think it is a small world, sometimes we would met old friend by chances. It would be good to met and knowing they have done well in life.

The pax

Anonymous said...

5 years flying junior says:

I think taxi driving is a great source of income and I myself is planning to take my vocational liscence and i got nothing to feel ashame of or scared my colleague see me because I always live by the principle of dont step on people for personal gain or dont cause trouble for people. Those that have to worry are those that kill people rice bowl for their own KPI, these people cant even drive taxi because they scared will bump into enemies. I have an ex crew friend that left as a 3 year flying GS, have his own sideline and driving a taxi now, mthly 5 figure total income, not bad at all, really wont die by not flying. Those that can leave and live a happy life , I respect, those that in office every day worried , lol good luck this is your life.

best regards
5 years flying junior

Anonymous said...

Why ask here? Call MOM or NTUC to check if there is a violation of worker's right committed by the company and the Union?