Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jilted and then suicide

Patricia was a sexy solid woman of about 25. She lived a few doors away from my place. She was the attraction of our neighbourhood. She used to work in a downtown office.

One day, Pat hung herself in her bedroom. I was surprised to find Mary, a former stewardess whom I knew very well to be Pat's sister. Mary was at Pat's wake.
Another surprise or coincidence if you may call it was Pat's boy friend was James. Another shocker, James was an ex flight steward whom I knew too.
According to Mary, Pat committed suicide because James left her for a stewardess.

A former stewardess by the name of Lian who is a food blogger told me this story:

This reminds me of an incident happened 20 years ago when this ex stewardess called and asked for job Lobang. Got her one and she went for an interview. She passed the first interview and I called her several times but couldn't get her. A few days later, I heard she committed suicide. A sad case of adulterous husband who was a pilot at that time.

Life is short and therefore make it sweet and enjoyable. There is no need to be depressed or resort to drastic act like suicide for someone unworthy of your love. There are many better "fishes" in the ocean and do not die for an "ikan bilis" cos it's not worth it.

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Lian said...

Thanks for the link,BT. Many who took their own lives were usually severely depressed and went about unnoticed.
My late friend(team mate) was admitted to TTSH for depression and left the hospital without permission. She jumped from a high rise HDB flat nearby. Her two sons were about 4 and 2 years old then.