Saturday, February 1, 2014

Spare a thought for the flying crew

It is a good break for most workers as this is a rather long weekend. The Chinese Lunar New Year started yesterday and most people do not go back to work until Monday. As for the SIA office staff they get a better deal. It was half a working day on the eve of the Lunar New Year (Thursday), day off on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On top of that they will be given one extra day off  ( to be credited to their annual leave) as Saturday is their normal off day. It was the same for Christmas and the New Year period.

What do the office staff do on the eve of the holiday?  They probably spend that half working day celebrating the oncoming Lunar New Year by chatting and having lunch with their colleagues. Good life huh?

How about most of the crew? Flying of course, serving and looking after the passengers on that long festive holiday. Some would be stopping at outstations while many would be on board the planes,slogging away to make sure the company still survives.
The crew,majority of which are Chinese would be missing their families back home, forgoing the reunion dinners and the New Year visits.
Do the crew get anything extra for working on this holiday season? Zero! No overtime pay nor compensation. Not like in restaurants where the staff would get triple pay for working on the Lunar New Year season.
I have a friend who owns a restaurant. He tried persuading his part time staff to work on the eve and Lunar New Year by offering $21 per hour instead of the usual $8 per hour in vain.

The social media and skype is a consolation for the crew who night stopped at outstation. They could contact and communicate with their families back home for free or at a small fee. During my time, the only way was by calling "long distance" which was very expensive.

As we celebrate our festive holiday, we should spare a thought for the crew who sacrifice a lot for the sake of the company.

Thank you cabin and technical crew for your devotion, sacrifice and hard work especially
during this long festive holiday. Be safe and take care.......Boh Tong.


Anonymous said...

Yah, like I have a choice to report sick, or resign. Its not even for me to approve my own leave rite?

Cabin & Tech crew work is covered under a specific section under employment act.
"essential services" and that means no choice, ( includes nursing ) Other service people in the hospitality industry do not fall under this section.
So they can walk out without fear of being terminated.

What "sacrifice" are you talking about.

IFS Boh Liau said...

BT want to make it swee swee mah. Of course he knows cc got no choice but to work on holidays. BT not stupid la

Anonymous said...

CC is always on the receiving end be it the cursing of paxs or the office people like tua bak or lesby or ah kua

Anonymous said...

Balls to the cabin crew la. What bloody sacrifice? As though so noble or the whole world owes them. If you want to spend time with family or enjoy weekend off etc, dont join cabin crew. You ppl only know how to think about yourself. What about when office ppl wake up at 630 am and go home at 8 pm daily? All you assholes jus came back from party at 6am and wake up at 6 pm to lead your aimless life!

Anonymous said...

Most crew have no family or comes from broken family to begin with. They cant wait to get away from their family. So what sacrifice are you talking about? This is so evident in the cof board where crew will gladly offer their cny off days in exchange for long flights. Even cny eve off also not shy to ask for london or sfo. Sacrifice huh?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should express your gratitude to the pizza delivery boys, bus drivers, police, doctors, taxi drivers also.
Talk about sacrifice by cabin crew? Pui!

Anonymous said...

hi bt,

in term of job, cc have no double paid on holiday, but their pay are at least $3500 and above ( I think so), also they have the chances to experience and see the world which most of the people work on ground job that may not have it. so I think their sacrifice and hard work worth it le.

the pax