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Saturday, February 22, 2014

The evil and randy boss of cabin crew

BT: I happened to meet Debbie the former stewardess recently, hence it brought back the memory of this story. Debbie is now an ugly fat woman and I don't think the ex cabin crew boss would desire her anymore. Read on to find out more.

Cheeko the boss of cabin crew demanded that chief steward Len withdraw his report on stewardess Debbie. This stewardess was reported for being lazy and incompetent but because of her sexy ways,Cheeko took a liking to her.
Len refused, knowing that Cheeko was a "chee ko peh" (Hokkien for horny)and favoured only sexy and pretty stewardesses even at the expense of discipline and service standards.

Naturally,Cheeko was upset with Len for not complying with his orders. Cheeko tried ways and means of finding fault with Len and his work but could not touched him because Len was a good chief steward.

The phone on his spacious desk rang and when Cheeko picked up the receiver,a woman's voice over the other end sounded like sweet music to Cheeko's ear. He was dying to chat with any young "skirts" on that boring afternoon. Cheeko's office staff were mainly men and old ladies and he was in no mood to interact with them except for official business.

"Mr Cheeko my name is Kris and I am chief steward Len's girlfriend" Kris introduced herself to Len's boss over the phone. " I know you hate Len like crazy and want to get him a sack but you could not find fault with him or his work", " I know of something that you may want to get hold of and with that,you would be able to boot Len out of  the airlines", the evil Kris told Cheeko.

Kris had been living with Len in his flat for a year and they were lovers until one day when Len wanted to end their relationship. Furious,Kris sought revenge by calling up and giving information to Len's boss so he would be sacked.

Len over the years had kept a free collection of the airlines duty free booze in his flat. On almost every flight, Len would steal a bottle of whisky or brandy or champagne and displayed them in his "bar". He was proud of his bar collection and would invite his friends for drinks at his home whenever he had the time to spare.

Coming back to the phone call she made to Cheeko,Kris informed him about Len's loot.Within the next few hours,the authorities raided Len's flat and confiscated all the stolen booze.

With the evidence in hand, the airlines set up a disciplinary enquiry which found Len guilty of theft. Len was immediately sacked.

A few weeks later,Cheeko was seen with Kris,Len's ex girl friend,in his car heading for a hotel somewhere in the Johor Bharu,Malaysia.

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Anonymous said...

Wicked and will have his Karma!

Anonymous said...

This sounded like a Malaysian Airline story some years ago.