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Friday, March 21, 2014

Jr stewardess reported snr crew

Another case of a junior cabin crew reporting against a senior crew member


IFS said...

Want to report another but don't even know who to report to! Bloody idiotic clown this SIA crew is!

Anonymous said...

SIA should teach juniors to revolt against the seniors and then service to paxs will improve.

Anonymous said...

They should remain juniors... since one day in the future they will become seniors... then they will experience another junior's feedback... they are cc little princess.

This is the culture developed & sustained by the VP past & present... Fortune 500 company attributes you know.. values that Lambert does not agree to.. that is how he broke free.

Anonymous said...

Service to paxs will improve only when these juniors, many of whom are products of maid care stop complaining. Cabin Crew from other airlines carry their own bags, change their own meal racks, and do their own planning for their future. More and more airlines today have their preflight briefings conducted by the flight commanders with safety in mind.

Singapore has inherited a social problem in the type of children left in the care of domestic maids. This is the root of the problem.

Anonymous said...

The office have no alternative that is cheaper.
Using staff to report other staff is a perfect method.

Just like PAP, they feel very secure and are not the least concerned about morale or paerformance. There will always be peopl willing to replace crew who are not happy... no fear.