Monday, March 24, 2014

Broken Hearted Ah Beng lost his Butterfly

Broken Hearted said...
More often than not I see local men eating or picking up their stewardesses girlfrens at the airport wearing slippers and shorts.Some even spotted tattoos on their arms and necks. These men think they are cool but they must realised their fss g/f have met better clothed and better,suave men on flight. These fss will ineveitably look down on these b/f of theirs and will leave them for better class men. It is a warning fren becos I was a victim. My fss g/f left me becos she think I am low class.

BT: I tend to agree with Broken Hearted who has left a comment yesterday about losing his girl friend after she became a stewardess. This is a wake up call to all the Ah Bengs not to take their "Caterpillars" for granted. Drop that Ah Beng's mentally and grow up. Dress properly and forget the tattoos. Your sophisticated "Butterfly" will be netted by others if you still go on behaving like a Ah Beng. Do remember, people change with time and circumstances and now your little innocent Caterpillar has evolved into a beautiful and elegant Butterfly. There are many butterfly catchers out there waiting with their nets.

Legend: Ah Beng is a term normally used in Malaysia and Singapore to refer to ethnic Chinese youths with a rather loud, and/or some would say, terrible sense of fashion......

Ah Lian  is a female version of Ah Beng . Bad fashion sense, distasteful female who speaks bad english....taken from


Anonymous said...

Many predators are out there examples pilots,snr stewards,passengers and people in foreign lands where the stewardesses lay over. One way to ensure one does not lose one's butterfly is to ensure financial security for the butterfly and act gentlemanly toward her.
My two cents.

Anonymous said...

There is no sure method. I've known FSS who have everything with their current boyfriend and or husbands, and yet choose to screw around. All you can do is pray & hope for the best......

Anonymous said...

There is a sure method. Dont ever find a flying chicken as a g/f or wife. Just fxxx and forget.

Anonymous said...

Takes 2hands to clap.

Fss fly becos they like

the image
the pay
the lifestyle

Their boyfriends like fss becos

the image
the association
the free stuff that fss bring for them

And of course, the f....ks. too

Anonymous said...

Hi bt,

just curious, do u having cc girlfriend during your flying days?

the pax