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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Gained A Job to Loose a Friend: by stewardess Angel

Kelly and I had enjoyed more than 10 good years of close friendship by the time we completed our education.  In a spur of the moment, she attended a cabin crew interview, passed within one attempt and joined this premium airline as a stewardess.  I harbored a childhood dream to be a stewardess.  However, I choose to join the corporate world after an attractive overseas offer came along.

Kelly embarked on her flying career and seemed to enjoy it thoroughly at first.  She was jetting to her dream destinations in Europe and acquiring a taste for luxury handbags which she'd procure during her travels.  I was enjoying my life and work in a new location thoroughly and my free time was spent exploring my adopted home. For Kelly and me, life was good and we continued to keep in touch, travelling around to meet each other whenever we could.

After a honeymoon period, cracks started to emerge in Kelly's  flying career.  She began to grow resentment for her job  and got into spats with colleagues as well as passengers.  Things got to a head and she decided to prematurely throw in the towel.  Kelly's father has to pay out her bond with this airline since she spent most of her earning to feed her luxury shopping habit.

After a few years in the industry, I saw the opportunity to move on when my company fell into financial difficulties.  I moved back home and decided to size the last chance to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a stewardess.  Kelly advised me against the idea, claiming I wouldn't enjoy the job and that it would be brainless and demeaning.  Still, I persisted .  After many interview attempts with various airlines, I finally landed the job with this airline, which was my idea airline.

Kelly was right, I did have a huge culture shock when I entered this airline and the job was indeed routine.  However, I still enjoyed it to the fullest in many ways.  While Kelly collected luxury handbags during her travels, I collected life experiences.  Luxury shopping simply doesn't appeal to me, not then and not now.  When I shared my airline stories, Kelly would get defensive and argumentative.  However, I failed to see past her defiance.  Once, Kelly wanted to liquidate one of her handbags.  Since my next flight was to Shanghai, I offered to sell her handbag to one of the bazaar stalls there.  She didn't take my joke lightly.  From then on, she began to avoid me and our circle of friends.

Soon after my bond with the airline expired, an opportunity outside came along, which I couldn't pass up.  I was forced to make the difficult decision to leave my beloved job with this airline for a new industry.  Since my new workplace is very close to Kelly's I've tried umpteenth times to meet up with her.  She declined repeatedly and even stood me on a few occasions after agreeing to meet.

If I had the chance to speak to Kelly again, I'd tell her, "I may have more life experience and more exposure to all kinds of people but I haven't changed, only your perception of me has changed".


Anonymous said...

Are you & Kelly lesbians?

Anonymous said...

You are the right kind if crew we shd have in SIA

Lian said...

"While Kelly collected luxury handbags during her travels, I collected life experiences."
During my ten years of flying, I collected life experiences as well as luxury handbags too:)))

Anonymous said...

Kelly and me aren't lesbians.
I can only go in one direction-straight. Was never a bootlicking model employer in my day. Nonetheless, grateful for the airline's training and life experiences gained.

Anonymous said...

"Luxury shopping simply doesn't appeal to me, not then and not now." To each his or her own:)))