Saturday, March 22, 2014

Got the job but is now worried

Alice has finally landed herself the job of a flight stewardess with SIA. She is jubilant because she has failed on many occasions to secure the job. However, due to the latest case of junior crew reporting senior crew, she is feeling insecure. "Will I be victimised as a result?" Alice asked me as she will be entering cabin crew as a junior crew member.

My answers are as follows if Alice does not want to be victimised:

  • Be humble and courteous to all colleagues
  • Talk less and listen more. Do not be a yaya papaya (cabin crew terminology for smart ass)
  • Know your work
  • Be helpful and co-operative in discharging your duty
  • Don't break company's rules and regulation.
  • Above all, do not be a Miss "Edward Snowden" or else your photo will be circulated to 7,800 cabin & cockpit crew(3,000+) as well members of the public like the one below (I have masked the photo but not the one that's being circulated online).

If in spite of adhering to the above and still be victimised or bullied then Alice should consult her ward leader. If no one else is unable or unwilling to help then get in touch with me.


Anonymous said...

I agree with BT.. Its an art of survival.I guess everyone has to start somewhere down the line. Humble pie is something that all of us has to swallow at times.
I am grateful that I learnt that during my stint in CC years back. It really helped me in my current career in a MNC. My colleagues were all surprised at my so called "friendly" culture that I brought along with me when I quit flying. As I progress along the corporate ladder, I still have that "CC thing" in me. No matter when I am, who I see, I still make it a point to greet them. Even when I go for cuppa break, I make it a point to offer to buy a drink for anyone in my department who needed one.
I know it sounds weird for someone to be so friendly, some says it is pretentious, some says that I am trying to curry favour. When you do it for days, weeks and months and even years, people will realise that it is a genuine YOU. I am glad that I have not forgotten what I have learnt in CC. It made me a better person and I still miss the good old days when I was flying...

Boh Tong said...

Anonymous u sound like one who is clever and possess that "survival" instinct which will help u progress not only in your career but in life too.
Thank u for taking time to comment and in a positive and encouraging manner.