Friday, March 14, 2014

Q & A on SQ Cabin Crew interview

Disclaimer: I am not an official representative of SIA. I am speaking here as a private individual and ex SIA cabin crew executive.
Therefore,  I will not be held liable nor responsible for any information that are not accurate.

Q1:  I am married with a child do you think SIA will allow me to attend the interview?
A   :  Yes, SIA does not discriminate against people with children

Q2:  I am female and my height is just short of half a centimetre  ( am 1.575), Do you think SIA will turn me away at the walk in interview?
A   : Those short of the minimum requirement whether it is education,height etc will not be  allowed to attend the interview.

Q3:  If I fail my final round will I be banned from attending future  interviews?
A   : No you will not be banned.

Q4:  I am male and is currently 30 years old. What are my chances of being recruited as a flight steward?
A  : At 30 you will still stand a chance but it will be hard competing with a younger guy of 20 plus.

Q5:  I have failed the interview several times and in your opinion do you think I still have a chance to be employed as a stewardess?
A: Yes.

Q 6: I have scoliosis and do you think SIA will employ me?
A    : Unfortunately I can't answer that question. SIA will act on the recommendation of its doctors.

Q7 : Do you think that I should declare the number of times I attended the interview before or should I not declare them because it may diminishes my chance of gaining employment?
A   : You should declare the truth. The number of failed attempts would not have an impact on your chances.

Q8 : In its website, SIA states that the interview in Singapore is for "Singapore Citizen". Are S'pore PRs and Malaysians allow to attend the interview?
A   :  Singapore PRs and Malaysians may or may not be turned away from attending interview. I really can't answer the question.

Next SIA cabin crew interview is on 15 March,Saturday (tomorrow) 2014. 

PS:  30% of my readers are cabin crew hopefuls and I need to pay attention to their needs,hence the above Q & A. Tomorrow will be the SIA Walk-In interview at the Sheraton Tower. As a result of the interview, some have attended my seminar held last Sunday, a few had private coaching and there were others who've bought my E-Guide. I wish them well and may all be employed as SIA flight stewards and stewardesses.

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