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Friday, March 7, 2014

Some of the comments I've received about myself

Some of the positive comments people wrote to me:

"Every morning after I have cleared my email, I will then read your blog. It is a habit and will feel my day is incomplete if I do not check your blog. Thanks"

"Every time I read your blog it put a smile on my face cos I know your are fine"

" I am addicted to your blog and must check it everyday, twice a day"

" I don't know why I must read your blog everyday"

" I will feel frustrated if you do not update your website on a daily basis"

" Your posts are informative and sometimes funny but I love them"

" Everyday after work I will tune to your blog. It gives me great relief and 
   de stress me after a tough day in the office"

" BT I read your blog like I read the ST everyday..."

"More more stories BT,can't wait"

The negative comments people wrote to me:

" Bo liau writing nothing but about people's affair"

" Heard you were from RI and your classmates are doing well but you are one miserable 
RI boy who spent your life flying as a steward. A big disgrace to your former school"

"Why can't let go of SIA is it? Years after retirement still think of SIA just like a lover who had jilted you and yet can't let go"

" You don't have any substance that is way you turned to blogging"

BT: Btw it is worthwhile visiting this blog  . The blogger is a young lady who blogs about life in Singapore. She also talks about the cost of living, the people, the garmen etc etc.


Jacky said...

Just ignore those negative comment. You have done well in life too. You rose through the rank in SIA, published a book and is a successful blogger now. I must read your blog everyday too. Though I never work with you, I hope you are well every day.

Boh Tong said...

Thank u Jacky u are really nice :-)

Anonymous said...

5 years flying junior says:

Hi Mr BT,

I am one of those that come here more than 3 times daily. This is the place where I get myself updated on our coy news or gossip. You have also provided a space for us to air our views. I will continue to come here after I leave the coy. I am not in love with the coy, I am just in love with the people.

best regards,
5 years flying junior

Boh Tong said...

"5 years flying junior" I appreciate your coming here so frequently. Are u quiting SQ soon??

Jacky said...

Thank you so much for promoting my blog. Heehee, some of the articles I wrote might not be popular with others. Appreciate it.

Lian said...

Hi BT, ever since I came to know your blog, I have been visiting it often. It is a great link to one of the best part of my life. One question, pardon my ignorance, why you call yourself Boh Tong?

Boh Tong said...

Hi Lian, thank you for visiting my blog. I always try and link people's interesting blogs to mine so my readers could enjoy reading them. Your blog will definitely be interesting to some of my readers who loves cooking.
Boh Tong is a nickname given to me by my late mother.

Anonymous said...

5 years flying junior:
good afternoon Mr BT,
you are most welcome,
yes I am quitting soon, it will be this year, choosing which month to take that leap of faith...

best regards,
5 years flying junior

Anonymous said...

5 years flying junior, please let all of us know when you have really quit... Everyone in sq will be celebrating!

Anonymous said...

ya loh if he quit we will open our champagne and kick his arse lol