Thursday, March 20, 2014

These things do happen in creepy hotel rooms

You would've probably seen the above picture by now. It was a peephole on a hotel door in which a leading stewardess was spied upon. I think the spyhole was placed in the opposite position. If you think this is sickening then how about these few other cases?

Case 1:

Some years back,a chief steward managed to access a stewardess's room while she was fast asleep. He stood over the sleeping stewardess and undressed himself. This happened in a Melbourne hotel.

Case 2:

A Japanese stewardess with only her undies on, in her hotel room in Tokyo was told over the phone by a man who described the colour of her undies and bla bla......
Apparently, there was a pinhole camera in the stewardess's room.

Case 3:

A husband and wife cabin crew woke up to find their Rolex watches, credit cards and money stolen while they were asleep in a hotel in Rome. They swore they never heard anyone breaking into their room. They alleged that a "sleeping" gas was pumped via the gap at the bottom of the room door to induce sleep. They claimed upon waking up they were unusually drowsy even after a long night sleep.

Case 4:

A senior steward was traumatised after he "rolled over a uninvited long haired Japanese woman" in his Tokyo hotel bed. The woman screamed and "floated" out of his room. From that time onwards, he would not dare to sleep alone.


The dead body of a stewardess was found by the a Los Angeles hotel chamber maid when she failed to check out for her flight. The stewardess was murdered by her male colleague.


Lian said...

Hi BT, greetings from DXB. One incident which baffled me till now was at Okura Hotel in Amsterdam I found many dried leaves in my room bathtub overnight! I have showered the day before and tub was cleaned!

Boh Tong said...

DXB wow the place must have changed for the better since I last visited 20 yrs ago. Scary la your story Lian.

Anonymous said...

Such hocus pocus usually doesn't affect me. The hotel which did me in is Bandos in Male. The entire set up is so eerie including the room and en-suite toilet that I didn't dare to sleep alone. For this reason and an aversion to water, Male is my least favourite station.

Anonymous said...

Hi lian,

the hotel staff got give u any explain on this incident? Or maybe it be some kind of joke from the hotel staff?

the pax

Anonymous said...

Hi Bt,

For the last case u put, It was involve with a steward and a stewardess. Above all are what I found in a forum. Bt,do u know any more info about it?

the pax

Boh Tong said...

"the pax" u may want to visit this forum