Saturday, March 29, 2014

IFS Ken and his "big mouth"

Flight steward Tim just couldn't wait for his plane to land at Changi. Throughout his 13 hour flight from London to Singapore he was greatly troubled by what he heard from his IFS (Inflight Supervisor).

It was meant to be a chit chat session over breakfast at a cheap but cosy cafe at Earl's Court Station. The crew were staying at The Gloucester Hotel which was a 15 minute walk from Earl's Court. It was a chilly spring morning. Everyone was wearing their jackets or light warm clothing. The chit chat session was an all men affair. The IFS was Ken, a handsome well built man of about 40 years old.

At the breakfast session, the crew talked about work and all kind of things, including their sexual exploits. Ken as an IFS talked the most. He boasted of his conquests of the many young stewardesses. In fact, Ken was married to an ex stewardess.

Suddenly,Tim almost jumped when Ken described how he made love to one stewardess. The sexual act performed by the stewardess was somewhat familiar to someone Tim knew. After the story ended, Tim persuaded Ken to divulge to him the name of the stewardess whom he had explicitly described. "Oh gosh, it was my beloved girl friend!!" Tim screamed within himself. Still, Ken did not realised what he had said.

The flight touched down at Changi. Tim called Gina on his handphone and spoke for a while. Tim did not divulge what he knew about Ken and Gina. Tim took a cab and went straight to the apartment he shared with Gina.

Gina wanted to kiss Tim and tell him how much she had missed him when he arrived at their apartment. Tim brushed her aside, held her by her throat. " You are a bitch Gina!" " You let Ken screwed you while during the night stop....don't you lie cos I've heard it from the horse's mouth!" Ken yelled at Gina.

There was a big fight. Gina was beaten up badly. There was no way Tim would accept Gina as his future wife anymore. To cut the long story short, Tim and Gina broke up.

Tim left the airline. Gina went on to be Ken's lover until she met a rich first class passenger. Till this day, Gina was "kept" by the rich passenger.

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Anonymous said...

I know Tim & Gina's case although the names were not real ones.