Thursday, April 17, 2014

Classmates better than working colleagues?

We did not spend many years together, at the most perhaps 3 to 5 years in our schools. After we left schools, some left for further studies while others started working. I am talking about my classmates. We had our differences but we they were all childish stuff. The good thing was we never back bite nor bad-mouth each other. Even if we did, they were done without malice because we were young and innocent.

When I entered the work force, things were different. Although we spent umpteen years as colleagues, most of the time we were not sincere nor nice to each other. If we did, it was only superficial  and sometimes sinister, if you know what I mean.
There were tons of back stabbing and bad-mouthing as well each trying to outdo one another. But why? The answer was, they were all done in the name of promotion and the desire to be in the good books of the bosses.
Many were promoted and rewarded with double and merit salary increment due to the ability to suck -up to and be in the bosses' good books and not due to hard work nor being productive to the company.
The bosses had equally contributed to the situation. They loved those who carried their "balls". They loved to have their asses tickled from time to time. I was often told not to voice the truth even to the extent of improving the service standard. " If the svp tells you that black is white you agree with him" a manager once advised me.

As for our classmates, whenever we get together, we would talk about the good old school days, about the girls we were chasing after, about the songs and movies we used to enjoy and share.
Sometimes we would  be invited for dinners and karaoke in some of our more well to do classmates who own huge houses. One surprised me recently by buying me a ticket for the Lionel Ritchie concert.

BT: Don't get me wrong cos there are also good ex colleagues too.

Below are 2 videos of our gatherings recently uploaded by me.

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