Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ex stewardesses versus a food court cleaner

Indra is a 65 year old cleaner at one of the food courts near my house. She lives alone since the death of her husband. She has 2 grown up children who are married and living with their families. Indra told me she works 8 hours a day for 2 weeks to qualify for an off-day. Her salary is a low $1050 and has been working there for the past 2 years. I must say that Indra conducted herself very well.
On several occasions , I have offered to buy her a meal but as usual she would turn down the offer politely.

In contrast to Indra, I met an ex stewardesses who is about her age. The first thing the ex stewardess did was to ask me for a $2,000 loan to settle her gambling debts.
About the same time, I met another ex stewardess who is much younger. She is single and not "broke". However, she asked me to help set up a small business for her as she is bored with nothing to do. I did but after 2 months, I stopped helping her as she was a very difficult person to deal with.

Yesterday, a friend who owns a small restaurant rang me up. She asked me whether I knew an ex chief stewardess whom she has employed as the restaurant assistant manager. I told her I've never worked with the chief stewardess before but have heard of her. My friend told me this particular chief stewardess did not turn up for work on the second day. She did not explain why she absent herself from work and also refused to answer my friend's several phone calls.

What has all the cabin crew training done to the above mentioned stewardesses?


Anonymous said...

Pathetic is the WORD to described these once flying high class waitresses!

Anonymous said...

Not only that word. Plus many other colorful words to describe cabin crew!

Anonymous said...

They have either lost their presence of mind, self-esteem or have degenerated to the level of social misbehaviour that we find amongst delinquents. A mix of good manners, pleasant tone of voice and grace would have made a difference.

Anonymous said...

Shame shame shame!

Anonymous said...

The skills required for ground jobs such as waiting in food outlets may appear relevant but in reality, its very, very different.

Up the the air, there are procedures and structures that define roles & responsibilities.

Down on the ground, its all hell break loose!.. Aircrew may be proficient in overseas shopping, and tweaking mobile devices to log in to get free internet.
But they are sure clueless & not street wise when they get their wings clipped!

They cannot work in F&B on the ground.. they do not have the knowledge to handle it.