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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's more than 5 weeks since MH 370 disappeared

What's really going on? Some many leads but all seems to be false. The last was from the Australian PM who was confident that his search team had received signals from the black boxes at the bottom of the Indian Ocean floor. But it was 6 days ago and now there isn't any signal at all, presumably the black boxes batteries had expired.
It's strange that no floating debris of some sort be found around the area where the signals came from. Logically speaking, when an aircraft ditched into the sea there would be debris floating on the surface of the water. Items like the aircraft seats, passengers' shoes, life jackets, baggage etc are "floatable" items.

No doubt it took 2 years to recover the black boxes of Air France flight 447 that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009, bodies of passengers were found within 5 days after the crash.

MH 370 is a mystery that I think will take a long time to solve or maybe not. 


Anonymous said...

Agree with you BT. To suggest that no one has any clue to the fate of MH370 is a fallacy, simply because there is no such thing. The relevant authorities know what happened and simply want the whole world to believe that the aircraft is in the Indian Ocean. The very fact that India stopped its search after a mere three days tells us something.

If there is any government that really does not know, that govt is none other than the Malaysian Govt. This is a serious statement. Last Sunday, a report surfaced that the co-pilot had made a call from his HP while over Penang. This was revealed after 37 days...a record that must deserve its entry in the Guiness Book of World Records!

911 changed the world forever but Malaysia keeps changing its stories. This bunch of monkeys in Govt are either of subnormal intelligence or are taking too much from their New Economic Policy under which the Chinese are required to part with 50 per cent of their profits to feed these Bumiputeras.

Someone mentioned to me one day that all China needs to do is to fly its air squadron over Malaysia and drop some bombs at the Penang Bridge and Putra Jaya. Then and only then will the Malaysian Govt release its secrets.

Anonymous said...

Taliban...found...US drone...sold to China (MY govt could be the middle man)...shipped by MH370...CIA-Boeing reprogrammed to crashed into Indian Ocean...multi-nations cover-up...why is Boeing so quiet...why is US so quiet?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous posting above reminds me of recent report that Israel intercepted a ship that carried containers with a huge cache of weapons. The cargo was seized.