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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Newbie stewards made to share hotel rooms with senior stewardessses

Many may not believe me when I say stewardesses sometimes made us share hotel rooms with them during our stay overseas.But wait, before you have any dirty ideas....

I was in my early twenties when I joined the airlines as a steward.There were, like now, more senior crew than me. Some were nice and other were just not so nice to me. The senior stewardesses weren't that kind in those days especially to new crew like me or my batch boys. Of course,there were good ones too but not many.
New cabin crew,whether stewards or stewardesses,were a liability to the senior crew. Being new,we were a hindrance and would often made the others worked harder on the flight.So you see, not many crew love us, the newbies.
Being new, we had to "work" harder in other ways to please the senior ones.
In order to please, we had to share rooms with our "jie jie" ( big sisters) during night stops.
These "jie jie" were afraid to sleep alone. They were scared of ghosts. I don't blame them because some of the hotel rooms were haunted....especially in Hong Kong and Toyko.
We did not mind sharing rooms with these "jie jie" but we made to sleep early like them ( they needed 'beauty sleep' we were told),usually by 10 pm.
The next morning,on waking up, we were made to "tar pow"(take away) breakfast for them.
In the later part of the day, we were made to accompany them on shopping trips,especially in HK. The purpose of having us around was to made us carry all the heavy stuff.
I hated all those sharing rooms and shopping things because I would be left with little time of my own to do the things I like.
Now, some of you men out there,may think that you could take "advantage" of these "jie jie" but..... you are very wrong.
These "jie jie" are scary and bitchy to begin with. They could give you a difficult time on board the flight. They, more often than not, would influenced the chief stewards into either giving you bad or good appraisals.
I, like most of the junior stewards, had not much choice but to look after the "jie jie"s' interest and welfare.


Anonymous said...

That's funny

Boh Tong said...

What's so funny?

Anonymous said...

hi bt,
just curious to ask, that your flying days, the coy had started to make a rule that all cc are stay in a hotel rm by him/herself right? I am around 2o plus this yr. but from wad I heard, in 70s, there are very rare that unmarried couple would live under one room b4 married. It would be a surprises that cc that that time start the lead le .

Boh Tong said...

I liat bo Q wad u r saying leh

B T Ho said...

It is interesting to read that there are "jie jie" make use of newbies in this way. Never heard or knew about this phenomenon when I was flying.

Being a senior crew, I did share room with some young F/SSs - reason being the same - feared of sleeping alone in a haunted room esp. in Marunochi Hotel in TYO.

Having sleeping alone >90% of my life, I could not fall asleep with someone in the same room with me. Result: I knew which F/ss snored and which did not. :)

Me too - often being invited/asked to accompany F/ss or L/ss going shopping in LON, HKG, etc. From my experience, every girl seemed to be the same when go shopping: she would take hours looking through many different dresses in the shop leaving me hanging around having nothing to do - v boring !
To turn her down when asked/invited to would be discourteous on me. I had a solution: accompanied her into the shop. After a while with her, moved to the men's section. When I was out of her sight, I disappeared in the crowd and, Presto! I was free to go my way. And when asked where I was the next day we met, my reason: we lost each other in the crowd. :)

Boh Tong said...

Hey Richard nice to "see" you here. Enjoy the stories.

SS aka Boh Tong

B T Ho said...

Hey SS, It is good that u started a blog - the only one amongst so many 1,000's of cc. Discovering yr blog, seeing pictures of former colleagues & reading yr articles, inevictably reminisce our days of youth - the best time in life.

Boh Tong said...

Thanks Richard good to hear from you again. I was having lunch with Max Tham and he sends his regards to you.