Friday, April 25, 2014

Refrain from bringing companions to the SQ interview venue

Interviews will be conducted on 26 April 2014 (Saturday) at:

Sheraton Towers Hotel
39 Scotts Road,
Singapore 228230

* Due to space constraints, there will be no waiting area for those who are not attending the interviews. Candidates are advised to refrain from bringing companions to the interview venue.

BT: There is yet going to be another SIA cabin crew interview tomorrow at the Sheraton Towers Hotel. I am not surprised that SIA has advised the applicants not to bring their companions to the interview venue as there will be a lack of space due to the expected huge turnout.

The is not a picnic or some sort. It's serious business attending the interview and going for the job. I understand some applicants need moral support and so by having a big group of friends and family members may they think!
If I am the interviewer, I will kiv those who bring their supporters and boot them out ( my personal opinion). Why does not need moral support? Lacking in confidence?
So are you going to bring your family and friends when you start to fly? By bringing hordes of supporters will only show you are one who lacks confidence.

One of the qualities is confidence and if you have it, you stands a better chance than one who does not. Take my advice, don't even go to the interview in groups (I read in the forums that some wannabes try to make friends with other forum members and attend the interviews together).

I am not trying to belittle anyone but simply giving good advice, from an old experienced interviewer to a naive wannabe.


Anonymous said...

SQ should conduct interviews at Changi beach so companions of interviewees can swim, play, eat bla bla and enjoy the occasions. BT what do you think?

Anonymous said...

SIA should charge applicants' companions $$ for jamming the venue.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with BT on this. I went for the 15 March 2014 SIA interview and it was so crowded it was literally like Chinatown during Lunar Chinese New Year Eve..

Another reason that wannabes should not go for the interview with their friends is what happens if you get through that round and your friend doesn't? You have no idea if you should be happy or not and this will ultimately affect your performance for the subsequent rounds.

I have passed my interview and i am awaiting training. A slight tip for cabin crew wannabes is to keep smiling and be sure to answer the question. Try not to oversell yourself too much and be as humble as possible.

All the best for those who are attending the interview tomorrow.

Unknown said...

I just went through the interview and didnt get through the skin test. Any tips on what a guy should do to prepare for this stage sir? What are they looking out for?

Anonymous said...

use sand paper on ur skin or face if that is where the problem lies la

Anonymous said...

@Hafeez Usually for the skin test, one will be checked for blemishes, acne scars, birthmarks, tattoos and pimples. If you have any of those, try your best to remove them by using facial or laser and it should already increase your chances of getting in.

Another thing that you should take note of is to smile and be approachable to the tester at all times. They are looking for wannabes who can strike conversations easily, so interpersonal skills is really important in this round. Usually wannabes will think that they don't have to be friendly and let their guard down during this round but it is this that can cause their interview to fail.

All the best for the next interview!