Monday, April 7, 2014

Stewardesses conned by a Caucasian passenger

He introduced himself to the crew as Dr. Nigel (not his real name). He was a Caucasian, handsome and about 32 years old. He was a regular passenger and was always smiling and nice to the crew.He usually flew around the ASEAN region, claiming to be a big time businessman.

Dr. Nigel's tactic was like this, first he would compliment the crew especially the flight supervisor (crew in charge). When he gained the confidence of the supervisor,he would then sweet talked the  stewardesses. By the end of the flight, he would have "napped" one of the girls and arrangements would have been made for him to travel in the crew bus to the crew hotel.

Somehow, with his good looks,status and gift of the gap he seldom encountered any problems becoming the girls' sweetheart.He usually preyed on the Malaysian stewardesses,knowing that these girls live on their own in Singapore. Besides preying on the lonely Malaysian girls,he made sure they were not the so pretty ones. The type of girls he chose would most likely be the "hard up" type who idol worshipped Ang Mohs ( local term for Caucasian).

Dr. Nigel would promised his victims marriage,migration to the West, a fabulous life with him etc. The next thing he did was to move into the girls' apartments and sleep with them and then guess what?....after a while he would vanished with their money and left behind big overseas phone bills for the girls to settle.

Overall, he had success with half a dozen girls or more. He would have swiped around 10k to 20k per girl and a few even more. The girls would not dare to make police reports because it would reflect badly on them.

There were many other cases of girls being suckered by passengers but they were  not reported.

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Anonymous said...

These victims, the Malaysian stewardesses asked for it and got it good and proper. This is an example of " BO HEE HARE YAH HOR." The angmoh kow had selected his victims with care. Only a handful of these Malaysian FSS do realise how fortunate they to be gainfully employed by SIA.