Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The one-armed bandit girls

In 1981, some 33 years ago SIA engaged a "one armed bandit" company to operate slot machines or Jackpot machines on its B747 USA flights.
Many passengers wondered what has happened to those gorgeous girls who used to accompany us on our flights to Hong Kong, Honolulu and LA.
They were the girls working for the jackpot machine company. They would night stopped with us in HNL and LA after swiping those poor passengers off their cash...hahaha.
We used to have fun with those girls.They were young just like most of us and fun loving. Their stay at oversea stations were usually shorter than the crew.
Before we got to know them better,they were all retrenched. The reason was SIA terminated the contract with their company after a few months. The jackpot machines were giving lots of mechanical problems and we could not help fixed them on board.

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