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Friday, April 4, 2014

The pilot whom cabin crew loathe

The old guy in front of me at the cashier queue was slow in paying his bill. This happened at the Giant Supermarket. People behind us was getting impatient with that old guy. He must be about 75 years old. I took pity on him as he was an old man. Then I heard him spoke and the voice reminded me of someone I knew. Wow it was Captain "Nasty" ( not his real name)!

The story goes back many years. Nasty was a captain whom the cabin crew disliked. He was bossy,greedy and unreasonable. Even some passengers hated him.

Nasty would threaten the cabin crew with "off-loading" if they did not greet him or served his food promptly. The conflict with cc was so bad that some cc spat in his food and drinks.
Nasty had on some occasions collected samples of food and drinks and sent them to the lab for testing to find out whether they had human saliva or unwelcome items. The results were always the same...negative!

There was a flight whereby an economy class passenger threw his whole meal tray at Nasty. The reason for doing so was due a long flight delay on ground. The passenger had missed his connecting flight on the other end. Nasty tried to be a smart ass by trying to explain to the infuriated passenger about the delay.

When the cc learnt that Nasty was to be retired, they celebrated. To cc the retirement meant they had one less tyrant to content with.


Anonymous said...

Kindness begets kindness while nasty ways beget nasty ways.

Jacky said...

Wow how come he can survive in cabin crew for so long? Retirement age is ??

Anonymous said...

Retire age back then was 55 for pilots but now it is 65.

Anonymous said...

Do not consider such a weird commander as "tyrant." Sounds more like a nuisance. Demanding and greedy only on flight but scrounge on meals during night stops. ELCHEAPO.

Anonymous said...

Are his initials MCP??

Anonymous said...

There was Ma Chee Po

Anonymous said...

There is another one whose initials are DL.Very nasty short ass always demanding for attention. BT, any commentsw?

Boh Tong said...

I think u r rite