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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This group pissed off the interviewers

A cabin crew wannabe who attended the last SIA cabin crew interview emailed me this after failing the 3 rd round:

"So when the interviewer called us in, he did say that "the last man please close the door." But he didn't and the interviewer was quite pissed off and told us off.....

Then the debate round began and I really felt everyone including myself was good in portraying our points and the text reading was smooth. However at the end of it I was shock to hear that the WHOLE group didn't make it".

BT: I believe the interviewers were not in the mood to tolerate the above behaviour. When a simple instruction was given the wannabes ought to carry it out. Always remember the interviewers are human too and like all of us they have prejudices and biases. The trick here is to win them over to your side and be selected.
I hope this case will help future applicants to be wiser and more careful in their approach. 


Anonymous said...

BT, you are absolutely right. Another label to describe these precious youngsters is the " K5 GENERATION." K5 stands for "KA KEE KOO KA KEE." I tend to feel that they were all rejected because the interviewers had a poor first impression.

Anonymous said...

These K5 only care about themselves. They are basically self-center and selfish. What would one expect from the K5? They were looked after by maids who can't even fend for themselves.

Maserati said...

As a member of Gen Y who has gone through it, I highly recommend SIA cabin crew training as the cure to K5 syndrome.

Anonymous said...

No la they are K6 meaning Kor Kar Kee Koh Kae Kiang

Anonymous said...

Maserati - if SQ takes in these K5, what's gonna happen to the airlines man?! It's gonna go down even lower in it's ranking!!! :o

Anonymous said...

SIA should ask Bohtong about these wannabes' attitude. Bt knows alot abt them as they email him to ask for help etc. Heard BT also pissed off with them for being impolite to him through the way they ask Bt for help.

Edmond said...

It is sad to learn that because the last man did not close the door, the whole group had to suffer loss of not being selected. Sure it looks like that is very unfair. But really life is indeed unfair.
Condemning the whole group is also some loss to the interviewers as there would be some good candidates in the group. Supposing the writer who not being the last man, realising the last man had missed closing the door, had quickly made his way to close the door, he would surely get the job if the interviewer noticed him doing.
With BT's good guidance and advice the writer would stand a good chance if he tries again for the job.
Best wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

Maserati, the youngsters today are not only spoilt, but rude as well. While its good to hear from someone like you, a K5 attitude has no place in an airline like SIA. Many of the young crew today have had almost everything done for them during early childhood and it is fair to say that that their parents were also left in the care of domestic maids.

I have handled many of the young crew and can truly say that they are lagging far behind in terms of attitude, general knowledge and aptitude for the job. On a number of long flights, I've had to have a subordinate work with me in the same complex for a good number of sectors if the job performance all round did not measure up. Tough but necessary for the good of the crew concerned.