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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tips to a successful SIA cabin crew interview by Luke Tan, a former SIA cabin crew interviewer

Below are the 5 rounds or stages of the SIA cabin crew interview.

Round 1:

Self-introduction and a generic question.

The wannabes will be asked to enter a room in groups of 10. There may be 2 interviewers.
Each candidate will be given 2 to 3 minutes to do the self-introduction and answer a question. An example of the question may be like this: Which celebrity would you like to be and why? Notice it is an open ended question and so you must not forget the “why” part.

Round 2:
After passing the 1st round SIA will subject you to a skin check. They want to ensure you have a reasonable good skin. Remove the tattoo if you have one that is conspicuous.You will do the "reach" test unless you are conspicuously taller than the minimum height required by SIA (minimum height for female is 1.58 meter and 1.65 meter for male). The staff may check your documents eg your educational certificates, application forms etc.

Round 3:

Around 6 or 8 candidates will be selected and will be put into 2 groups. There will be an introduction of your partner to the panel of 2 interviewers. There may also be group discussions of topics given and the reading of selected passages by the individual candidate. The interview may take up to 40 minutes.

Round 4

If you get through the third round you would then face 2 interviewers in this round. This is like a chit chat session. Also they may ask you questions from what you've stated in your application form. You may be tested on "calmness" or "coolness" and "maturity". Do not react negatively even if the interviewers try to provoke you. Stay calm and smile.

The 5th round: The kebaya/skin check round.

Girls will be asked to wear the kebaya and walk a little distance so the interviewers could assess your poise and way of walking. For the men, they may be asked to walk.Then there will be a thorough skin check. They will look out for blemishes, visible scars,tattoos etc on your hands,face and legs etc.
This round may be conducted on the same day or another day.

Pointers for a successful interview.

Dress appropriately i.e. dressing should not be too casual. Guys should wear a long sleeve shirt with a tie. Pants should be black or any decent colour and neat. For the ladies, wear a nice matching blouse and skirt. Pant suits are fine. Do not wear sandals or jeans or any Denim materials.
Smile all the time, Look pleasant and friendly. Have eye contact with the interviewers.
Should display lots of teamwork and team spirit whenever you have the opportunity.
Must try to convey to the interviewers that you are a service oriented person.
Do some homework like practising your self-intro in front of the mirror or your close friends and ask for their comments and feedback.
Above all, believe in yourself that you will make it pass the interview and be an outstanding cabin crew.

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Unknown said...

Dear mr.Luke, can I just check with you for the upcoming interview in singapore , will they be accepting Malaysian as well or just singapore citizen?

Boh Tong said...

Sian, the interview is for S'poreans as stated in SIA website. However, SIA may allow Malaysians to attend too.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can I have your opinion on whether having dark skin complexion lower my chances of being selected. And would having a scars on the ankle or leg result in being rejected too?