Sunday, May 4, 2014

A nice and encouraging comment from my reader

Hi Boh Tong.

Somehow I enjoy reading your blog to update myself.
Im not someone who mingles a lot with crew out of work, so I don't get the latest gossips and news etc.

But I always know I can turn to your blog to find out insider news.

Before I was in the job, I always wondered if what you wrote was true, and if you were even a real ex-crew.
Then time, and of cos getting into the job, proved things to me.

I like how you spell out everything openly, though I might not agree with everything you say all the time, I feel that you do share the voice and thoughts of some crew rather accurately.

I appreciate this job and what it has given me: the opportunities, the exposure and being able to interact with so many different personalities, be it colleagues or passengers.

From your blog I also see the other side of things that I have not realised or heard about yet.
And I like that.
It's like a peekaboo into the things unknown to me.

So please continue blogging, and I will always continue to read your blog! :)

With due respect.


Eagle said...

Check this out Luke.

Boh Tong said...

Eagle thanks!

Lian said...

That comment is so sweet and sincere, BT. I'm happy reading it.

Boh Tong said...

U are right Lian. The one who commented must be a real nice person. Wish him/her the best in all undertaking.