Tuesday, May 20, 2014

There were good and exemplary pilots too.

In my 35 years of flying, I have come across many good pilots with exemplary conduct. I am not going to talk about their flying skills because I am not qualified to do that.

The first captain who came to my mind was a local Captain called MS. MS was a well liked captain who cared for us the cabin crew. He would asked us whether we have eaten or have enough food for ourselves before he ate his. There were times we did not have enough food for ourselves but we lied to him that we had sufficient food so he could proceed with his meal. MS would extend his hand and introduce himself to the cabin crew he had never met before.

Another captain worthy of respect was Capt GS. He was a Singaporean pilot. He would pay for his whisky and cigarettes and never once asked the cabin crew for freebies. He would treat the crew to f & b  during night stops.
He once ordered a station manager to cater sufficient food to the cabin crew otherwise he would not start the engines of the aeroplane he was to fly.

Capt LSC was another gutsy pilot who would not hesitate to rid the passenger/s who were rude to the cabin crew. He stood by the cabin crew for whatever reason/s. Not once have I heard he was demanding over his f & b.

A kind and generous captain gave his time, efforts and money to set up this orphanage.

There Capt PL who would not moved into his hotel room unless all his cabin crew got their room keys too (sometimes due to hotel over booking situation, the cabin crew had to wait for hours before getting their room keys. The pilots had priority over the cc).

There were many other pilots whom the cabin crew held in high esteem. I would dare say at least 80% of our pilots are worthy of respect.


Anonymous said...

We had "Hitler" Ho who demanded perrier water. No other water was good enough.

Its not upbringing. Its the management which cultivates such an attitude.. sort of "you are Top Gun, you are the best, you deserve all since you made it to 4 bars".

Pilots everywhere are told that they are a special breed, why? I really dont know. LKY was brutal in describing their work as " pushing & pulling levers & buttons ".

Then again we also have Melvin Sealand
who was a real nice person who did not want to bother crew about anything.
Such personalities were offered much more on a voluntary basis.. only because they were nice. We even risked bringing his favourite drink to meet him in his room after flight.

Pilots... just fly the damn plane ok?

Anonymous said...

Cabin crew, just do your damn waiter job and serve ok ? And that means you have to serve the pilots too, whether you like it or not..Don't understand why any sane human being aspires to be a cabin crew... Why not be a pilot? Unless of course they don't have what it takes to be a pilot.

Anonymous said...

Sure will serve you with a twist of our spit n saliva for blessing...lol...

Anonymous said...

An exellent piece of work that BT has posted on the good pilots. I have flown with them before and have no difficulty in reading their names from their abbreviations. Well Done BT!

Anonymous said...

Boh tong, see what I meant in the other thread as further dividing TC and CCs?

Anonymous said...

And you just make sure to prepare to deliver pizzas or drive taxi if you dare to do tat!

Anonymous said...

Loser cabin crew only know how to spit into your food and drinks.. Other than that, they know nuts about flying. Except maybe like... Are we going to make taxi, meal allowances, or where to buy stuff at cheap cheap price.. Bunch of losers...lol

Anonymous said...

WTF is wrong with u ppl. This is unhealthy. Many pilots are nice ppl. Cabin crew are mostly accomodating except for those few idiots. Dont laugh pilots... there are quite a few idiots amongst u too.. point is... we all know... that ppl are the same wherever u go... there is good and bad.. in everyone. We learn to live. Learn to give each other what we need to survive... Mccartney-Jackson.
Plain and simple....


CS who serve meals without extras. Regardless..