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Monday, May 19, 2014

Cabin crew division under the pilots' control?

There was a period when the pilots were asking the company to put the cabin crew division under their charge. Originally back in the early 1960s, our predecessor Malayan Airways' flying department was made up of cabin crew and technical (pilots,flight engineers etc) crew. The head of department was an expat captain.

However, after the formation of MSA, cabin crew and technical crew split into 2 divisions.
Cabin crew was and is still headed by its SVPCC or Senior Vice President Cabin Crew
(formerly known as Director of cabin crew) and the technical crew division is headed by it own SVP.
The reason for the split was due to the large numbers of cabin crew as well as the tech crew.

Both SVPs report to their respective EVPs or Executive Vice Presidents who then report to the company CEO.

Cabin crew division resisted merging with the tech crew division as both belong to different unions.

Had cabin crew come under the jurisdiction of the tech crew division then matters like cabin crew promotion, reports, welfare etc will also be the responsibility of the pilots. In short, some captains at that point of time wanted control and more say in cabin crew matters.

Fortunately, cabin crew still remains a division by itself.

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