Thursday, May 15, 2014

Green Mussels is a cure for stiff joint pain.

Green-lipped mussel contained many good nutrients including 5 kinds of omega-3 fatty acids known for reducing inflammation, Glycosaminoglycans, which lubricate and repair damaged cartilage or could help prevent cartilage from becoming damaged in the first place. And Muscopolysaccharides that aid in metabolism and cell growth.

My wife and I suffered from knee joint pain. We took Glucosamine but it didn't help . Then we read about the Moari people of New Zealand who ate lots of green mussels and for generations do not have stiff joint pain and could move around even in old age.
We bought a packet of the green mussels from Sheng Shiong supermarket,cooked and ate them. We repeated this process 3 times a week for 4 weeks. Our knee joint pain subsided and by the fifth week all the pain was gone.
Green mussel supplement may be good but we prefer buying and cooking them in the manner we like to eat. The plate of cooked mussels was for my wife and I. They are inexpensive and that plate of mussels cost about S$2. We simply boiled them with a little salt. One should not boil or cook them for too long or else they may be rubbery. A minute or so of cooking will do.


samantha said...

Bohtong, ive attended your talk and passed all the rounds however im under review for the kebaya round cause im underweight. Ive been trying to gain weight but to no avail cause my bones are really light. How?? My coming review is on july!

Boh Tong said...

If there is no improvement in your weight then they may not want you.

Lian said...

Hi BT, I love mussels too! Try this recipe