Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hotel accommodation (Toyko) for crew in the late 60's

It was in the late 1960s when we started to fly and stopped at Tokyo. We had 1 night stay on each flight and MSA put us in an old hotel called M ( don't wanna mention the name cos may kena sued). It was situated near a train station which was of not much use to the crew as we would check into the hotel late at night and out in the wee morning hour. I remember there was a lot of road digging and construction work going on around the hotel even late into the night (same like Singapore now).
The rooms in this hotel were dimly lighted (to save on electricity). The wall paper were dull and dark. The rooms would give one a scary feeling. Most of us couldn't have restful sleep. Why? The rooms were not only scary but they were mostly haunted.

One steward had a harrowing experience. He told us he "rolled" over "someone" in his bed while he was asleep. That "someone" he told us was long black haired woman. She let out a ear deafening scream as if she was in pain and "floated" out of the room.

There was another case whereby 2 stewards related to us how their toilets kept flushing in the night. On checking out they couldn't find their room keys. According to the receptionists, the keys were returned by "someone" on their behalf.

One night the room lights came on while I was asleep. I can't explain how the lights or who turned them on.

The situation was so bad that some stewardesses would not sleep in their rooms but spent their nights in the hotel lobby until check-out time.

A passenger who was flying with the crew told them that the ground where the hotel stood was a actually a graveyard. That news scared the hell out of us.

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