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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Flight attendant sad stories

One couldn't believe when the company fired chief steward on the ground that he had molested a stewardess. First of all, Eric was not a normal straight guy. In fact he was a gay. Therefore it was hard for his other colleagues to believe he was guilty of molesting a female.

The sad part was Eric had to pretend he was still working to avoid disappointing his sick old  mother whom he was living with. Besides, Eric also had to support his mother.

Into the second month of his "annual leave" (he lied to his mom he was on annual leave), Eric's mom was getting suspicious. She confronted Eric and asked for the truth as to why he was not spending time flying around. Eric gave her all sorts of excuses but his mom felt he was not telling the truth.

One day, Eric's mom called one of his colleagues and found out the reason why Eric was spending so much time at home. It was a sad day for the old lady. A few weeks later, she died of a heart attack.

Eric was devastated because he loved his mom dearly. Not long after his mom's death, Eric went into depression and was warded at the mental hospital.

The other day I met an ex stewardess whom I knew quite well. We had a drink together and she told me about an ex chief stewardess whom I also knew. Let's call the chief stewardess Sue (not her real name). I was told that Sue was also warded in the same mental hospital as Eric. Sue had a mental breakdown due to severe depression. The ex stewardess didn't know the reason/s why Sue had the breakdown.
This ex stewardess also told me about a batch girl of hers by the name of Shir. She told me Shir was found dead one day by the roadside. Shir died of drug overdose.

I noticed one thing in common among the 3 unfortunate crew. They were all unmarried and rather reserved by nature except for Sue.


Anonymous said...

hmm reserved by nature = introvert?

introvert shouldnt be hired as crew in the first place right, should they?

Boh Tong said...

introvert shouldnt be hired as crew in the first place right, should they?

BT u are absolutely correct.

Anonymous said...

actually introverts can do many tasks well onboard cos they normally do it more attentively.

when they interact with paxs, they can be more sincere!

Anonymous said...

Those who caused fellow colleagues to get into CI, DI and sack read this- you and your decendants will not have a good death cos karma will get you. You know who you are