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Friday, May 9, 2014

Q & A on SQ Cabin Crew interview

Disclaimer: I am not an official representative of SIA. I am speaking here as a private individual and an ex SIA cabin crew executive.
Therefore, I will not be held liable nor responsible for any informations that are not accurate.

Q & A on SQ CC interview

Q1:  I am married with a child do you think SIA will allow me to attend the interview?
A   :  Yes, SIA does not discriminate against people with children

Q2:  I am female and my height is just short of half a centimeter  ( am 1.575), Do you think SIA will turn me away at the walk in interview?
A   : Those short of the minimum requirement whether they are educational,height etc will not be  allowed to attend the interview. At times, they may allow you to the attend the first round of the interview but will not let you progress to the next round after they've check the minimum requirements.

Q3:  If I fail my final round will I be banned from attending future  interviews?
A   : No you will not be banned.

Q4:  I am male and is currently 30 years old. What are my chances of being recruited as a flight steward?
A  : At 30 you will still stand a chance but it will be hard competing with a younger guy of 20 plus.

Q5:  I have failed the interview several times and in your opinion do you think I still have a chance to be employed as a stewardess?
A: Yes.

Q 6: I have scoliosis and do you think SIA will employ me?
A    : Unfortunately I can't answer that question. SIA will act on the recommendation of its doctors.

Q7 : Do you think that I should declare the number of times I attended the interview before or should I not declare them because it may diminishes my chance of gaining employment?
A   : You should declare the truth. The number of failed attempts would not have an impact on your chances.

........more to come ....Next SIA cabin crew interview is on 19 July (Sat) 2014

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If I have a scar on my arm near the elbow due to a previous fall, will I be given a chance during the interviews? I heard I may not pass the 1st round even though it will not be seen when I am wearing the uniform. I am a guy by the way. I have seen stewards with arm tattoos too. Thanks!